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Comment Its all about getting an accurate head counts. (Score 5, Interesting) 114

Google needed to sort out users versus user accounts. They had to distiguish all of the duplicate human beings, as separate from their various accounts. The high value data is gmail storage, google docs, and especially picasa web albums. Google sites hosted my web site experiments, and docs and forms, cloud stored my binaries, and voice relayed to my phone numbers, wallet, etc etc. The process of attempting to force feed Google+ to me, though futile, still accomplished their primary objective: It functioned to consolidate my multiple user ids and to figure out what I claim is the meaningful data.

While Google+ is a marketing fail, it was a database validation success, while also changing the overall TOS. This process unified various random accounts to identify the actual user. It combined the data of browsing habits, purchases, phone numbers, handles, ips, mac addresses, adress books, etc. They were all mined and combined to fully implicate individuals accessing anything Google. The fact is, that until all of this Google+ bullshit, I had quietly tucked away thousands of photographs which filled several accounts to the brink. The process of contending with the change forced me to access everything which eliminated the redundancy of me as multiple users. Now Google can be sure its all one of me, which they knew all along, but this just confirms my usage profile and actual breathing existence. I'm not worth as much money to advertisers if I am a redundant user already counted and sold. Just one of me is their assurance to clients so there's no double dipping on real head count. I feel so special, like social currency of unique importance to statistical metrics....

Comment Re:And today (Score 1) 211

So then what did you and your generation do to contribute to a bright future of scientific advancement and sustainable retirement plans that you wanted? You kicked the can down to my generation from what we can see.

You're welcome.

"......same as it ever was ....same as it ever was ....same as it ever was ...."

Comment In other words, they offer no employee benefits. (Score 1) 125

Let's face it, this is something that should be fixed by professionals employed by the FTC because that is the job they are tasked to perform. This cute little bounty program is a clever way of crowd sourcing the benefits of this skill set without the costs of hiring anyone. MAKE 'EM PAY! Not everything involving human labor should be done on the cheap just because employee costs are high. People cost money, and this tactic wont work forever.... I hope.

Comment Re:Typo (Score 1) 51

It happens. A lot, apparently. Its certainly not your fault or a reflection on your intellect that human beings with worthwhile ideas and commentary are not always absolutely perfect typists or rhetoricians. That being said, I wish that the grammar Nazis would take a break until a better way to correct that outcome is implemented. I don't mind the typos nearly as much as the predictable response it brings from anonymous knee jerks. I'll give a benefit of the doubt to the known respondents, and not assume they are just trolling.

Comment Re:KODACHROME PATENT STILL VALID!! (Score 5, Interesting) 45

Amen, Brother.

Its amazing how being at a certain age and place and social consciousness that a common experience and thinking is shared. We all knew that things would always change in time, but its strange to look back and see how that all played out in the aftermath... In some ways, we didn't have a clue, but in terms of the results that we just KNEW would result from three decades of "trickle down" economics and other forms of short sighted policy enacted by people are no longer alive: Here we are! Right where we knew we would be. I was born in Rochester, New York - home of Kodak, but I never thought I or Paul Simon would outlive that company's prosperity or exemplary ethics. It certainly could have survived in all of its glory if it had continued to care about people more then about shareholder profits, plain and simple. That's how George Eastman would have wanted it.

It was at that moment that America died for me. Things would never get better than those two seconds. It was all down hill from there.

Americas not dead yet, my friend, but I do understand exactly how you are feeling about all of the lost ground. We remember our losses more profoundly then our gains. Its human nature, I guess, just like the rest of the experience.

Comment Look at the bright side.... (Score 1) 41

It's a $1.37 billion dollar boost to the economy! You can't just print money for banksters without spreading it around a little bit!

When the money gets stolen, its insured by the government that just prints some more, and paper grows on trees!

Finally we have found a growth industry with real American entrepreneurship that is compatible with current fiscal policy. We can re-hypothecate futures on funny money stolen by criminals that aren't bank executives! Its a new system of cheques and balances in a brave new kleptocracy!


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