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Comment Re:Many smartphone alternatives (Score 1) 851

I agree that we are paying way, way, way, too much for bandwidth and media in all forms. If you need a contract or there is fine print in the deal, its a rip off, and I refuse to do business that way if I can avoid it.... so thanks for the research on plans that compete with dominant premium market. I'm tired of paying for their advertising and double talk, and your info helps. Thanks.. .

Comment Salinas has lots of green....lettuce (Score 1) 195

Mayor Mayor Dennis Donohue and city Economic Development Director Jeff Weir hoped that this investment would attract green industry to Salinas. Salinas wants to be more than agriculture, and green industry is the current buzz. Unfortunately, the green money that cities must manage has begun to disappear. Money makes the green go around but without it growing lettuce seems more sensible and reliable. Salinas will survive, even if the economy leaves us all feeling green, lettuce continues to grow...

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