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Comment Re:These streaming services should blame themselve (Score 1) 370

When one's business practices consist of poor user experience, poor customer support, and poor product delivery one's business deserves to die. This isn't a result of a shit market, it's the result of shit products.


Especially when, they devote all of their talent and technology to enslaving the product and the customer.

We are confined to rigid asinine monitization or usage schemes, proprietary incompatibilities, non portability, drm, and data mining.

Another perfectly good aspect of human culture captured by a desperate greedy corporate pigfest.

Comment Re:Why don't they just ask for your wallet and key (Score 1) 783

Not a bad idea really. A radical approach that definitely eliminates the perverse incentives, and gives a miniscule amount of carrot juice to everybody. Talk about taking a bite out of crime... The thing is, with the computer power we have, its not technically impossible to pull it off anymore. Too bad our social and political reality is heading more towards The Lord of the Flies.

Comment Re:how on earth conduct such study? (Score 1) 783

Good question. One thing for sure, they are totally full of shit and they will not be straight forward about their intentions. At the very least, nobody trusts what they say as being any more than politically astute spin. Its business as usual for those who keep their jobs in demand while on the government tit. I remember when those were the shit jobs. Not any more.

Comment Why don't they just ask for your wallet and keys (Score 1) 783

After all that's all they are really after. They take your saliva and blood because you're driving a care which means that you have something of value that they can take from you, and that's all they really want. Why catch criminals that only possess stolen property? You can't pay for law enforcement with contraband. But you can pay for all of this stuff by impounding cars and busting people who can afford to drive one. The efforts of law enforcement are skewed towards the crime that gives THEM the most reward, not what gives the citizens the most value. Last night my buddies car got broken into by a pro - no broken glass. It was in his driveway, and all of his tools were stolen. The police couldn't care less and have no intention of doing ANYTHING about it. They just resent you wasting their time on something that gets them ZERO. At least drug dealers have cash to confiscate, but a thief costs the system even more than it costs the victims. And the police cost everyone a whole hell of a lot more than that. But don't expect them to do anything particularly helpful. That serve and protect crap went away when municipal coffers ran dry...

Comment Re:Those damn socialist! (Score 1) 752

Well sure, if you're dumb enough to pay tax on the money your company is paying you in salary as well as paying income tax on it then you probably are paying a 75% effective tax rate.

And if you're stupid enough to believe "apples and oranges" methodologies of taxation calculation is an absolute measure of how national macroeconomics can effectively manipulate tax liability, then you overlook most of the equation. Whether willful ignorance or devout kool-aid swigger, how can one overlook all of the variables we chose not to consider. Taxation is but one manipulated variable that is MEANINGLESS if you fail to look at the WHOLE economic dynamic. But please go ahead with a delusional oversimplification of an even 75% rate of funny money in the vacuum between your ears just to be a righteous fundamentalist. Go ahead and fight for your fair tax rate while overlooking any nation's complete reign on monetary values, market manipulation, price propaganda, supply glut and/or shortages, embargoes, sanctions, deregulation, lobbies, dirty tricks, lies, organized crime, black and grey markets, corporate espionage, customs, law enforcement, TSA, border patrol, fences, war on drugs, planned obsolescence, decaying infrastructure, jammed highways, ruined schools, jails jails jails, and national defense.... well then you sound as stupid as the Tea Party pretends to be. You can pick any ol' number you want and I guarantee that it won't fix your perpetual and frustrated economic irrelevance in this funny money poker game of democracy, capitalism, and free will in the 21st Century. Obsess all you want on one variable, and watch it become completely irrelevant before your very eyes. The meaning of life and cure for all ills should be so simple, so black and white, so righteously graced by the divine... "We're number .... " whatever.

We continue to argue these inconsequential points as if it has bearing on the results. What a bunch of numb skulls we've become when politics has reduced society to neutered fanboys' irrelevant cross town rivalry in a game of fool-ball. Who cares who wins in a game that doesn't really matter. It comes down to how we live our lives here together on earth. Nothing more or less. A fool's folly, no matter the taxes.

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