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Comment Look at the bright side.... (Score 1) 41

It's a $1.37 billion dollar boost to the economy! You can't just print money for banksters without spreading it around a little bit!

When the money gets stolen, its insured by the government that just prints some more, and paper grows on trees!

Finally we have found a growth industry with real American entrepreneurship that is compatible with current fiscal policy. We can re-hypothecate futures on funny money stolen by criminals that aren't bank executives! Its a new system of cheques and balances in a brave new kleptocracy!


Comment Re:"there were supposed to have come from" - LOL (Score 1) 58

American cretins. You can't even write 'they' properly.

And you get REALLY confused when you have to write 'they're', 'their' or 'there'. How the hell is your country still standing?

We stand on our feet, silly.

It's harder to do that while your head is up your ass.

Your obsessing on typos, homophones, homonyms during a Slashdot banter about Brazil nuts and asteroids is either an emotional disorder or you are from the Land of Trolls that can't walk and talk at the same time.

Hurling vituperative disparagements in grammatically correct English has nothing to do with this story and discussion so please take your meds. .

Comment I thought the sons were keepers... (Score 2) 131

Are we supposed to believe that people who sell their children can be generalized as especially evil if they are gamers, addicts, or Chinese? I mean what does that really have to do with it ? There are no good reasons for baby selling - its just bad for any reason. I bet these gamey baby sellers had a lot of other characteristics that were even more illuminating: like perhaps they were nuts or they had a spectrum disorder, or they were evil. Maybe they sucked at games and hate Chinese food. Somehow this headline smacks of "yellow" journalism. We always need to remind the west how shifty the majority population behaves. We believe in democracy as long as we out number them, but they don't get a vote if they are gonna sell babies for angry birds. Should we feel a bit superior because our gamers never have sex and therefore can't sell their children? Or perhaps that our baby sellers do it for better addictions, more cash, or porn? Somehow the story strikes me as a bad slant on China (sic) ...I mean everyone knows you keep the boys and sell the girls to desperate rich middle aged infertile Americans that will divorce before the child hits puberty.

Comment Re:Failing to learn from history? (Score 1) 47

Didn't Apple go through this exact same issue with the iPhone app store a few years ago, and they fixed it?

Yes, your absolutely right.

A pattern is beginning to emerge where the enforcement of laws has transformed into the institutionalized funding of government with punitive measures that neither protect the consumer nor discourage future violation of ethics and common decency. Is this regulatory befuddlement really working for Americans if the evil corporate behavior is not deterred? I am glad some folks are paying attention and remember the relevant recent events so that we may become angry villagers and start chopping off heads.

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