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Comment Re:Adventure holiday! (Score 1) 319

They are not unlike Emos.

If you go through life looking/acting like a refugee from a Dr.Seuss book you should expect to be mocked.

People who fuck through holes (in costumes, bathroom walls or bed sheets) deserve to be laughed and pointed at.

You are entitled to nothing.... no freebies.

And no substitutions.... green ham only

Comment Re:Read your lease... (Score 1) 319

I've been taught my entire life that you will never get a break. so I've learned to live within my means and save to buy what I want.

.....but he just didn't see that cement truck rolling backwards down hill into the crosswalk when he had the right of way. Instantly all his millions were in the hands of those who never get a break. Totally unfair.

Comment Re: Its easy, take your pick (Score 2) 319

The choice is yours the future is clear - you can chose good or chose to burn to death. Chose to win or lose and die. Its real freedom and a real choice. Its a true hypothetical vision or real hallucination of San Francisco and the Universe, pick one:

A) Over paid, under worked, black, real market bureaucrats who live large and plump when you cook 'em

B) Well-paid, Geeky, blooming better bus and uber car riding historians who never get in the way unless you're a legit taxi

C) Zero paid, hopeless, smelly, street people who contribute vomit and graffiti for a fair city life.

Not so fast ! Its a trick question ! Geek humanity won't possibly survive AynRandtopia if it can't get laid !

Comment This works likes Tennis at US Open I think (Score 1) 141

You whack the ball back and forth over the net, but you gotta win by two: Advantage, Deuce, Advantage Deuce, Game,. Set, Tie Breaker, Match. Its both the rules of the game and the game of the rules at the very same time. So its not, not just a game. Its not not the law.

Comment Re:Wait, WTF? (Score 1) 195

I guess you better not write in your diary about that hot dream you had unless you start it off with "I carded her and she was 21" to keep from going to jail,huh?

I tried that, but then the Feds said that it was a fake ID !

They should know - their "stinkin' badges" are fake.

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