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Comment Negetive interest makes cash less interesting... (Score 1) 446

If you owe money in this economy, paying it back early with liquid cash is a better value than holding it. Why have cash when it can't even keep pace with inflation? Savers are punished, and so are the taxpayers when this hot potato comes back to us before it has cooled. Who needs cash when its not worth the paper its printed on? Tesla is making a smart hedge on the current economic situation, which shows real sophistication in corporate automobile technology and salesmanship....

Comment Re:50 years ago... (Score 1) 184

"We now face the danger, which in the past has been the most destructive to the humans: Success, plenty, comfort and ever-increasing leisure. No dynamic people has ever survived these dangers."

I quite agree with you and Mr. Steinbeck, as I sit here in Steinbeck Country - generally unemployed, unsuccessful, with plenty of ever increasing leisure and discomfort; I realize nothing ever survives. Steinbeck has surpassed all danger.

Comment Re:I remember just 6 years ago... Kodak ate Ofoto (Score 5, Interesting) 309

Someone I knew uploaded their photos to the Kodak site for printing, and had deleted them from her camera.

Rather than making it easy to get a copy of these photos, it was impossible. I think you basically had to order a PhotoCD or something, which I wasn't going to do.

They could have made a proper website to allow people to share their photos and print them. But they made it annoying. was the premiere photography web upstart at the millennium. At that time, Ofoto was the largest buyer of KODAK paper. In fact, since they were clearly in a position of market dominance, Ofoto's brand looked very appealing to Kodak. Kodak greedily gobbled up that magnificent Berkeley dot com upstart, and made it Dow Jones blue chips. From that moment forward, it was all down hill for Ofoto. It went from being the technological and artistic leader to falling into stagnation and total alienation of Ofoto's loyal customer base. They tragically proceeded to delete the customer archives, to save on cost. For most people, this cloud was the ONLY back up of their precious data. Kodak refused to allow customers to download their data:or transfer it to other servers. ONLY the purchase of measly 700mb/ $20 CDs was offered as a means of accessing gigabytes of sacred customer data. I recall doing the math and finding that it was more expensive than all of my camera equipment. Kodak MURDERED Ofoto like they self destructed themselves when they realized that Corporate America is no place for a retired labor force. So just die, rob the shareholders, and let go of all those ballooning pension and health care commitments.

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