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Comment Re:Screw the poor (Score 1) 114

If they don't like the divide, it's time for them to pick up a shovel and start filling it in on their own. I'm tapped out.

Here's an idea, we'll eliminate Comcast and AT&T so you can have your basic internet and cable for free, just like the poor.

That's what I want to hear from our political campaigns. Don't elect anything less - demand more. The worst company in America should get jail time, not market guarantees. Kill this malignancy of corporate cancer.

Comment Re:Actually there is a name for this behavior (Score 1) 114

So basically, when assured a demographic (and limited term) of a student, they deign help who they please. Not just the poor or needy citizens, but just the virgin meat: Children easily influenced by their advertising and enticements to pay per view, are their prey.

When Comcastula gets its virgin fetus guarantee, they offer to do the government's job, and protect the best interest of its third world citizens. Never mind the fact, as was stated, that they fail to deliver as promised.

Stop paying Comcast now. Don't vote for incumbents. If the wealth is not shared, then just take it back. Start with opening up the market to anyone who wants to compete with an la carte menu.

Comment Re:thank you Snowden (Score 1) 348

I have hope for the next generation. Maybe they will do better than we are doing.

They can't do much worse. After watching us all flail around in our clown shoes and greasepaint perhaps its all becoming just another comedy of manners and of errors.

"God Save the Queen - she's not a human being" - Sex Pistols

Comment Re:Not rocket science (Score 2) 348

Yeah, I kinda like Putin's thumbs and his nose these days....

Russians are chess masters, and they can always play for a draw or stalemate when it comes to American influence and interest. Whatever the game, these moves play infinitely more engaged and interesting than the cold war. The Cold Borscht is a dish best served cool to well mannered patrons. Patience is the key, this Empire has been around a long time, and they are here to stay. We might as well enjoy the ride.

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