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Comment Re:Inevitable end (Score 1) 404

Hey, I've got an app that for $300 you can park anywhere in san francisco! Even someone else's driveway! For $3000 we'll even sell you parking on the bridge!

Good point.

It works when money is no object, and if that's the case, only the city collects. Never move in on the government's racquet - its like moving in on a mobster's racquet - never profitable for long.

Comment Re:Easier (Score 1) 106

I *never* use any kind of medicine (unless I have no choice), I never use band aids on nicks and scratches (don't disinfect them either). I have no food intolerance, food allergies or other weird ailment.

You must be descended from wild men with stone tools who lived in caves and ate mastodon meat with the Flintstones. I think we're related.

Comment Re:HOPE to exploit it (Score 2) 106

The summary will be perfect in "a few years time" when the researchers hope to have the solution.

So this is less a news story and more a fund raising effort. That rings true to me. I think we're seeing a lot more advertisement built right into the programming these days... What a novel idea: sell a lot of snake oil to sick people.

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