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Comment Biased insider (Score 1) 139

This guy is pushing an agenda that is likely linked to lucrative government contracting. Check out his linkedin profile: Former Member President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee Latest Book: The Chinese Information War: Espionage, Cyberwar, Communications Control and Related Threats to United States Interests (McFarland Publishing) on sale March 29, 2013 Former faculty: Defense Security Institute, VCU, NOVA and Federal Examination Council of the Federal Reserve Board Former Staff Consultant, U.S. House of Representatives Director of Information Assurance, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization Presented 10 international papers, 5 at Canadian Security Symposia, Ottawa 10 years Industrial Security. Inspected government contractor sites and taught first Industrial Computer Security Course for 9 years . 7 years Security Engineering, Intelligence Community

Comment economic model (Score 1) 768

With a final tally of 21 million bitcoins, a rapidly growing user-base and the potential of billions of users, won't bitcoin suffer from a much greater deflation than a metal based currency? What safeguards are available to prevent massive hoarding and subsequent market crashes much like the one that occurred last week?

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