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Comment Re:Suckaz (Score 1) 641

...and ensure the sites don't get money for obtrusive annoying ads. I have adblock but most nice decent little ads I leave alone. Only the stupid ones that cover half the content, make dumbshit noises (though these are getting rare these days) get the block. Selfish? Maybe but only as selfish as sites that wish to try invade your little browser window as much as possible with the most annoying ads imaginable. There was a reason adblock was invented...

Comment Re:The fact is, US is just as bad as China (Score 1) 536

History has shown many have lived in cooperative society without paying many of the costs. "Draft" dodging via wealth n power, Affording decent lawyers or even going as far to use corruption to get around laws, using the courts and large amounts of money to win a war of atrocity against someone in a courtroom because they cannot afford to pay the legal costs to continue the fight.

Society evolved and grew up with the weak being stood on, survival of the fittest, the strong take power and oppress others, always have and for the short term future probably always will.

Maybe that's just human nature, or maybe it's the law of nature itself. The good thing is that part of our human nature as a species that is social is to help out those in need at times and hopefully we will evolve socially to allow more of it vs chasing greed.

Maybe when science gets to a point where we can interface the biology with cybernetics to access all of our emotions, keep us happy, then no one will care if they are oppressed as they can simply be happy. If you had the chance to do boring manual labour work but had a way to make it the most fun you'll ever have then you'd be a fool not to choose it.

The thing people hate about America with this is that they claim how bad censorship is for other countries etc but do it themselves apparently. Just like the cries of "land of the free" and hypocrisy's where free health-care is apparently the devil. If you put forth your country as the ideal free peaceful democratic society then expect people to call you out more for when you fail to live up to it.

The fact that the reason these sites were taken down is still a secret just enforces doubt. Just like in my country (Australia) our blocklist for the censorship is going to remain a "secret" for the good of the people? History again proves secret reasons that things are banned or even people locked up for them usually come with oppression.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 561

Parents and society still do their very best to keep the sex is bad message to the kids. If society embraced sex instead of keeping it as some dirty act things might change (women would probably enjoy it more due to the lack of insecurity over being "slutty). Kid's are always going to try some form of it at some point, kids are curious folk, best to do is keep them educated and don't act like it's some bad naughty thing to do (kids like to try the bad/naughty stuff to push boundaries, when it's not viewed as a way for rebellion then they probably won't care as much about trying).

Problem is sex can still end up with a long term consequence even when taking contraceptives, and as a kid the ability to support a child is much lower than needed in many cases for today's society. Hell even 2 working parents struggle to afford children.

Comment Re:I take it (Score 2, Interesting) 279

Some bad teachers also mentally scar the kids, from saying they will have no future and never amount to anything (one of the worst things said to a student) to being overly aggressive, yelling, poking at the chest of a primary school student helping to cause great anxiety that stays with them well into childhood.

1 bad apple can mess up a child even with simple meaningless talk and banter because children don't have the capacity to understand hurtful words like that. (Heard how bad it's affected cousins, friends, even in highschool). Tell a student something like that and some will fight to prove you wrong, but many will simply be hurt and give up. When a person of authority, who's meant to know their shit, tells you that you won't amount to anything a lot of kids will believe it. A little bit of encouragement truly goes a long way.

But of course the difference is between being a useless teacher, and a true bad teacher.

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 1) 973

Just for arguments sake, what if they have internet but live 2-300km from libraries, etc (Farms in Australia are like this, schooling is done via internet or radio since it's so far way)
So their closest 711, etc, with credit to buy like that may not even be the closest town. And their nearest library might be one of 20 books so far off the topic they require. There are exceptions to all of these oh you can walk to your local library arguments because not everyone has that ability but might have access to the internet.

Comment Re:Porn Industry Ready To Drop Flesh (Score 2, Insightful) 249

Not sure if you realize but amateur porn has taken off quite a bit, they're as real as you can get, actual couples having sex in loving relationships (but of course they are still voyeurous and adventurous for letting you watch). It's far better than the shit the pro's have, and with easier access to higher quality cameras it's getting even better in quality.

What scares the producers is that people release it for free, for the love of sharing it so expect more and more in the future as attitudes are more relaxed and accepted.

Comment Re:Not much has changed (Score 1) 706

Interesting reply, doesn't suprirse me. I'm sure in some female dominated workplaces similiar crap also happens, maybe it's just how humans are?

Re the eyes: Whilst people may notice the eyes they may just like the look and pay no real attention to the colour itself, but the shape, and other characteristics. I usually notice the smile/face/eyes because it tells me a fair bit about their intentions (guys and girls) as I've got a high defense mechanism so I'm on the lookout to see what kinda person they are, and generally facial expressions can tell you the most. The colour of their eyes comes in last after the array of checks i tend to do.

Looking at the body is after the eyes n face:P a quick look to notice first the body language then after all that crap the appreciation of the view comes.

Possibly some men just also have bad memory or really don't pay attention at all to colours enough to remember it, but yeah that might explain why he can't recall it vs the standard he's looking at your tits train of thought.

Comment War? (Score 1) 269

Let's say this was used, wouldn't it cause such an economic loss that pretty much every country would consider the US a terrorist state and guarantee a war against the US? Unless of course it simply isolates the US and leaves everyone else all happy...

Comment Re:Crime Pays (Score 1) 387

Amphetamines are handed to children via prescriptions en masse every year, crystal meth is not the only amphetamine around. Pilots are given amphets to keep them alert and safe by the good ol uncle sam, and probably quite a few other countries. It's a common ADD/ADHD treatment and is actually quite safe to use.

Problem with crystal meth is that it's street produced, shocking quality, a highly addictive amphetamine (methamphetamine) vs the more safer variants used for add/adhd (dexamphetamine for eg.)

I'm on dex for ADD in a prescribed dose, I wouldn't try crystal meth ever even if paid. THAT shit is just way too nasty and besides I'm not looking to take a lot to get high but merely treat the ADD (and yes the dexamphetamine works great in keeping focus).

Comment Re:Don't write it during school hours (Score 1) 308

True. My dad was a teacher and always found letting them all talk about fishing, etc for the first 5-10minutes of a lesson would calm down his class bigtime and they would focus better. His class was one of the typical highly rowdy problem kids that other teachers couldn't get to do anything sorta class. A bit of fun as in a bit of talking, messing around a bit, and not getting OVER serious whilst still being within the limits (no porn, illegal shit, etc) is acceptable as it will increase the productivity overall.

Comment Re:Don't write it during school hours (Score 3, Insightful) 308

Sadly people misunderstand how extremely important it is to have fun at school, to excercise creativity and gain inspiration. To be happy, have fun and work on positive socializing AS well as learning. Not all the learning done at schools is purely academics as it's the prime area we learn how to socialize, to get a long with people etc.

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