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Comment Re:I may be wrong, Im not an astrologer (Score 1) 333

Its not true that is not measureable. Indeed some of the first (surprisingly accurate) measurements in 1798: And you are quite right that you weigh differentatly depending on whether you are on a mountain or in a valley, but this different isn't quite insignificant. Thats not to say thats the only way the gravitational field changes though (moving further from the centre of the earth. It's something worth looking up).

Comment Re:Theoretical != Real World speeds (Score 1) 248

Hehe. :)

Actually, you may be disappointed if you buy SSDs for the boot speed. HDD manufacturers have done a remarkable job optimizing that. And in the case of an OS like Vista, the benefit from an SSD's low latency is dwarfed by the benefit from an HDD's raw read speed. Those 640GB Caviar drives are apparently one of the fastest booting HDDs/SSDs. (unless you go incredibly high end)

SSDs have been proven enormously helpful for games, though; especially games where you can't possibly store all the textures in memory, such as... Crysis.

I think your post is either terribly misinformed, or you are overstating yourself. I have no idea how can say a 320GB platter drive (and there are 500GB ones now too...) could possibly hope to outperform all but 'incredibly high end' drives. Look at the OCZ Vertex, or G.Skill Falcon (or the supertalent drives etc based on the same controller). The smaller sizes are around the price of a velciraptor (admittedly smaller though, but still large enough for vista + some apps), and they blow the velciraptor out of the water. Don't just take my word for it: And that crap about it being enormously helpful? Sure it definitely is desirable, but not even that benchmark you posted is fair for crysis (as they admit in the article...). For the vast majority of the time, SSDs only improve load time (note your floppy RAID array does not count).

Comment Re:Mods (Score 1) 158

The US Army already makes a training simulator like you describe. At first it was a modified version of Operation Flashpoint I believe. Now they have developed their own solution which is based on top of America's Army (the PR FPS). Even their own solution like lots of games uses the unreal engine however (2.0, then 2.5 and 3 for the upcoming version).

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