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Comment Re:There must be a better way (Score 1) 863

Paper currency is printed by the government, specifically the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Both paper currency and coins are distributed to the federal reserve banks. People just haven't really used the coins, but they are trying the president ones now.

Do most meters actually take dollar coins?

Honestly, though, quarters aren't that tough to use. And they often don't actually want you staying very long anyway.

Comment Re:More and more powerful... (Score 1) 238

The 7" ones just wasted a bunch of space around the screen. 9" (actually 8.9, I guess) ones were about the same size, so I think they were really the happy medium. I'd really like the cheapest 8.9" netbook with a good screen and keyboard and decent construction. Battery life is always a big plus. Thickness, OS, storage wouldn't really matter.

It'd be nice to have something to use working on stuff, cooking, etc and, my 17" MacBook Pro being too large and at risk of damage in messier environments (but far better for doing anything even remotely computer intensive).

Comment Try many languages (Score 1) 634

I think it's misguided to start out focusing on any one language. Using different languages helps you understand what's going on in the larger picture. I think once you can grasp the fundamentals of programming, and you can generally understand a variety of languages, then you might want to try getting more heavily acquainted with whatever language you like. C and Python are both very accessible, and they can help you learn things about each other. C gets you bare metal memory/pointer stuff and static typing, and Python allows you to branch out and do more complicated things more easily. Neither are necessarily my favorite language, but they are very common and reasonable.

Java might also be a good idea, to focus on OO concepts. It's not as easily accessible, though.

Another issue is the amount of flexibility in a lot of languages. C++ especially incorporates so many concepts in complicated in differing ways.

I do think the syntax differences help in grasping what the syntax actually means.

Comment Re:cash4cronies (Score 1) 434

This isn't really the case. No one remotely credible really believes that political donations by corporations are a protected form of freedom of expression. Some moronic commentators and the like spin it that way, but the political reality is that despite the obvious corruptions of the system few politicians want to change it because they rely on it, and, indeed, they wouldn't be in their position if they didn't.

Comment Re:Reality check can't be cashed (Score 1) 462

I don't think Tesla's offerings are targeted towards rural areas at all. Their locations are all near or in major cities.

I don't think the range is necessarily a real roadblock for most of the target market, but this kind of fundemental limitation is certainly quite unappealling, especially on something expensive and not at all designed as a city car.

Comment Re:I'm sure... (Score 1) 354

What party in Sweden wants to "tax and spend" less than the Democrats?

I'm also pretty sure the Republicans don't want to have ZERO taxes and totally dismantle all forms of government.

They might be disagreeable, but they aren't fake like the Pirate Party.

Not that our party system doesn't have problems, but that doesn't change the fact that the Pirate Party is idiotic. If it actually became popular outside of its little subculture it would indicate severe problems in Swedish politics, but that seems unlikely.

Comment Re:I'm sure... (Score 1) 354

Copyright doesn't restrict the spread of knowledge. Knowledge can't be copyrighted, and isn't present in most of works pirated anyway. But any information in a copyrighted work can be shared, just not the verbatim content.

Patents also can't prevent the spread of knowledge, but only temporarily prevent it's commercialization by third parties. They actually help to open it up and limit trade secrets.

Comment Re:I'm sure... (Score 1) 354

The party is not "also of the opinion that non-commercial file-sharing of copyrighted works should be legalized" in a way that is "secondary". That is the point. It is called the Pirate Party, not the free speech party. No one cares about wiretaps, etc. They care about free stuff.

And no, it doesn't take a totalitarian state to enforce a ban on piracy. I mean, yes, it takes a totalitarian state to actually 100% enforce any law (and even that won't work), but that's not really point. You don't even need to go after the downloaders. Just take down pirate bay, and a few other big torrent sites and it will go down a lot.

Or even better, don't really do anything about it, but don't pretend it's important or form some imbecilic party to defend it.

Comment Re:I'm sure... (Score 2, Insightful) 354

What is this nonsense about being against free culture? What do you mean by free culture? Being able to hear a song or watch a movie for free, regardless of the desires of the moviemaker, is not free culture, it's free stuff. Especially since the prices are quite reasonable.

Also, what is with the mantra crap?

There's plenty of free media, and you can make more. You and your Pirate buddies can go enjoy free culture all you want.

But that's not it. You just want free stuff.

Comment Re:I'm sure... (Score 1) 354

The difference being that the Socialist parties, at least in parts of Europe, have real positions on issues that actually matter and have drawn honest support outside of a bizarre, fleeting subculture.

While many may just want to live off the system for free, it's not entirely a platform of "gimme gimme" like this stupid Pirate Party.

I don't agree with them, but there are real Socialist parties. The Pirate Party is a fake party.

Comment Re:I'm sure... (Score -1, Flamebait) 354

It's still a fake party. That is not a well developed platform (copyright and patent just aren't all that important, especially with such an asinine stance and name), and intentionally joke parties have gotten more votes.

It's just a bunch of people who want to download movies and music for free, regardless of any other consequences, and despite the fact that they can already do so, they are still complaining because they want everyone to acknowledge and lend great important to this privilege.

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