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Comment Re:reasons this may not catch on in the US (Score 1) 533

That's the kind of e-bikes I'd like to make. My dream job would be designing and building custom e-bikes - frames and all. If figure if I can make them kick-ass awesome enough so that the suits and fashionistas want to ride one as a status symbol I'll have done something for both the environment and my wallet at the same time (and I'll get to build my dream bike-of-the-week in my down time).

Comment Re:reasons this may not catch on in the US (Score 1) 533

I ride daily in downtown Toronto, and obviously look like an electric velocipede; I don't understand why so many e-bikers try and hide the fact that they are juiced. I've had a number of cops grill me about my bike - but always as an interested person, not in an official capacity. If you ride by the rules they don't care.

Comment Re:reasons this may not catch on in the US (Score 1) 533

I love rolling up on those idiots, repeatedly, light after light, halfway across the city during rush hour. Hell, I sometimes slow down just so I can keep rolling along side them occasionally staring at them and fingering my bike lock, I'll never do anything, but it has a tendency to make jerkwad drivers (which only some are, as with cyclists) slow down and be a little more respectful of the other on the road.

Comment Re:reasons this may not catch on in the US (Score 1) 533

Because right of way stages outward from the curb - Light Goes Green. Outside, Curb (cyclists) , and Pedestrian crosses. Outside may start left turn. Inside and Outside waits for Pedestrians and Curb to cross. Inside makes right when Pedestrian and Curb crossing is clear. Outside completes left when oncoming Outside, Pedestrian, and Curb crossing is clear. This of course only works if there are no assholes in the Inside lane trying to race through ahead of the people in the Outside lane or that don't give pedestrians crossing at the lights the due right of way.

Comment Re:yeah, let's blame the victims! (Score 1) 533

Actually, that is pretty good advice on dealing with the door prize. The first time won it I tried to dodge out into the road and got the edge of the door all down my right side - the bruise took months to fully heal. The second time I turned into the V, hit my front brakes and rolled up over my handlebars and onto the roof of the car. I haven't won since that time, but that's my intended response now.

Comment Re:reasons this may not catch on in the US (Score 1) 533

I do the same thing - ride 365, but I do it in a heavily modified 350watt ebike (32km/h before I start to use my pedals). Back when I was a young cyclist I was one of the idiots that everyone complains about, but now that I'm old I've learned to follow the rules. The odd thing is, I actually outpace most cars in crosstown traffic even with following the rules (full stops, signaled turns, giving right of way to cyclists, watching out for pedestrians). I act like a bike in the bike lane, and like a motorcycle when I'm not, giving way and signaling well in advance as I change between the two 'modes'. I average a continuous 30Km/h in stop and go city traffic, rarely having to stop because I watch the road ahead and time the lights, turning drivers, and streetcar stops. I'll admit, I've modded my bike to intimidate drivers - its about 6 feet long and the handlebars top out about 5 feet off the ground and looks like the bastard child of a Harley Chopper, a downhill racer and a bmx having a orgy in the Thunderdome. I've also chosen my riding gear to look intimidating - knee length black leather duster and a four foot length of 0 gauge chain looped over my shoulders combined with my steampunk helmet, goggles, and mask tends to give me a good 3 meters of 'personal space'

Comment Re:Laptops in schools can be a big headache (Score 1) 279

The XO is entirely flash based, runs linux, and weighs less then 3 pounds, is water resistant, impact hardened, and can be re-flashed back to basic operating system in 15 minutes by putting a USB stick with the OS installer into a USB port, holding down the gamepad buttons and turning on the power. Trust me, the MIT Media lab did a really good job designing these things for use by children in third world countries.

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