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Comment Re:Don't give up on serial (Score 1) 165

There are a large number of great USB to serial port adapters on the market and they're not too expensive either.

Don't waste your money on cheap USB to serial port adapters from ebay. I bought one really cheap and it gave me nothing but trouble. They even sent a free replacement, but nothing would work with it. I heard good things about FTDI adapters, next time I consider buying one that will be my choice.

Comment Re:security? (Score 1) 195

It allows for something similar to eval in .NET. From the article:

"Hejlsberg demonstrated a C# program that passed a few code snippets to the C# compiler as strings; the compiler returned the resulting IL assembly code as an object, which was then passed to the Common Language Runtime (CLR) for execution. Voilà! With Roslyn, C# gains a dynamic language's ability to generate and invoke code at runtime.

Put that same code into a loop that accepts input from the user, and you've created a fully interactive read-eval-print loop (REPL) console for C#, allowing you to manipulate and experiment with .Net APIs and objects in real time."

If your program is doing what the demo code does, then sure, you're asking for code injection attacks.

Comment Re:Honoring the dead is not a zero-sum game (Score 1) 725

but still I'm saddened by the number of people using the occasion of Richie's death to take another gratuitous slam at Steve Jobs

Except it is relevant. Jobs' death caused mass hysteria that elevated him to god level, while Ritchie will go unnoticed by all except the IT community. What would be of Apple and Jobs without C and Unix?

But anyway, I haven't seen many people here are taking a gratuitous slam at Steve Jobs... Aren't you overreacting?

Comment Re:Cell phone camera's (Score 1) 77

Comment Re:You can do that right now (Score 1) 436

Gee, where did I said I brake hard when people are right behind me? That's obviously stupid. Eventually, people catch up to you and think "there aren't any cars between the 50 meters separating this guy and the red light, why the hell is he going at 20 kph?!". Way to take a general observation and extrapolate the worst possible case...

Comment Re:I like it (Score 1) 194

I'm using G+ only for people I actually know unlike Facebook.

Funny, I'm doing exactly the opposite. Facebook treats all of my contacts as friends and when I share something it has to be shared with all of them. Yes, I can exclude people, but for that I have to pick them one by one...

G+ circles let me organize my contacts in as many categories as I want and I can choose which circles will be able to see what I'm posting. So I can have something like this:

* Family
* People who would not be offended by goatse
* People I know
* Random people I met online
* People I subscribe too (a la twitter, I guess...)
* Rest of the internet

I'm very happy with the circles feature, it makes it very easy to manage all of this.

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