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Comment Re:There's a reason nobody talks about it (Score 1) 404

Perl is only as (un)readable as you make it; if you write readable Perl code, you won't have any problems reading and understanding it 6 months later.

But yeah, you can write unreadable Perl code - but then again, is there any language in which you can't?

I for one am certain I can write unreadable code in Perl better than any other language I know... I am "fully enabled" -- encouragingly so -- in the language for the illegible to the limit that such is inevitable.

Comment Re:The answer to government rationing is simple - (Score 1) 720

CanadianMacFan... Your answer really bothers me... because my Mother works in a private non-profit nursing home, and she has told me the rusult of Medicare in her work... You know, I'm _certain_ you know of the insanity in your Canadian system. I've lived in China as an Expat... I know how the socialized system is there... Are you TRULY arguing for a socialist system as being superior.... or are you saying that "you aint seen nothin' yet???"

Comment Re:The answer to government rationing is simple - (Score 0) 720

This is is the message of what I am trying to get across, with -- granted -- much less eloquence:

That even "the goal" of a moral society is superior to the decadent bent and inevitable behaviour of socialism.

I have to add to this... I work on productizing cell phone chips. No government agency would work as hard as my org in producing a product (LTE) that is turning out to be so beneficial to so many people's lives. Nobody in government could have predicted the utility of being able to map where they needed to be interactively, or the tremendous utility of being able to query how to defibrilate their friend at the mall in the middle of a heart attack... let alone answer the question of the next evolution of Pikachu to their son.. from their phone, or from a "Siri" equivalent... Such "frivilous" innovation is actually discouraged by active government.

Comment The answer to government rationing is simple - pri (Score 0) 720

Don't we realize that the same rationing that is going on in ATC is bound to occur in socialized healthcare? Don't we already realize the atmosphere in our socialized school system is failing to enable our children to compete with both those in other countries and with those educated in less well funded private schools? The solution to government control of the airports is the same as that for healthcare or schools - privatize and deregulate. Make the compulsory arm of society pull back to only doing as little as possible and let people be free to solve the problems that are consistently barriers for the socialist system. It's the right, thrifty and moral thing to do.

Comment Acoustic guitar (Score 1) 561

I've found that voice and interruptive sound can be quite bothersome, but if music is both interesting and acoustic it can have a positive affect... Just the right - balance. Go to & pick out some artists you find intreaguing - you can listen to most on YouTube to try them out. I think you'll be very happy with listening to some acoustic guitar with a nice set of headphones.

Comment Maybe your code /does/ suck. (Score 1) 507

OK, granted the guy is green and full of himself... But perhaps a fresh perspective is not all that bad. We KNOW that a lot of the stuff we have worked on and inherited is absolute crap that is very difficult for average human beings to grasp. Here's a human being trying to come to grips with a wicked mass of old (and, granted, battle-tested) ideas.

You are also right that all of us tend to want to greet a problem by trying to bend it into our will so that no matter if the pin is trapezoidal, it will fit (darn it) into our circular world view. And this goes for the new guy as well... We are aware of it, but this new guy may not be aware of it. Explain to him htat he needs to learn to do this as well. Instead of strict adherance to a dogma, a set of programming patterns grows up around a problem space -- not the other way around. Try to help him see the problem and make sense of it first before he triest to tackle the crap with the "new hotness."

So... give they guy a challange. ell him the abovve, and also help him to understand that the code-base is NOT going to take on a revolutionary overhaul overnight. Tell him he can add his new ideas gradually if the new ideas do any of three things:

1) Reduce the LOC's in the program.
2) Measureably improve performance.
3) Measureably improve the code quality (via new introspection/tracing tools, unit testing or algorithmnic proof of correctness).


America's Real Criminal Element: Lead 627

2muchcoffeeman writes "The cause of the great increase in violent crime that started in the 1960s and peaked in the 1990s may have been isolated: lead. This leads directly to the reason for the sharp decline in violent crime since then: lead abatement programs and especially the ban of tetraethyl lead as an anti-knock agent in gasoline starting in 1996. There are three reasons why this makes sense. First, the statistics correlate almost perfectly. Second, it holds true worldwide with no exceptions. Every country studied has shown this same strong correlation between leaded gasoline and violent crime rates. Third, the chemistry and neuroscience of lead gives us good reason to believe the connection. Decades of research has shown that lead poisoning causes significant and probably irreversible damage to the brain. Not only does lead degrade cognitive abilities and lower intelligence, it also degrades a person's ability to make decisions by damaging areas of the brain responsible for emotional regulation, impulse control, attention, verbal reasoning, and mental flexibility. Another thing that stands out: if you overlay a map showing areas with higher incidence of violent crime with one showing lead contamination, there's a strikingly high correlation."

Comment Verizon, but maybe ATT is catching up? (Score 1) 375

I worked in field applications in my previous job -- I lived by my cell phone & I was all over the place always, and 100% connectivity was paramount for me... I would also often need to do conference calls while travelling the highway. I tried a couple of carriers, and then tried Verizon. A few things I could tell you about Verizon:

0) Incomparable coverage -- I almost always had coverage everywhere across the country.

1) Rarely dropped any call... only intermittently driving I-5 across Camp Penalton.

2) I worked many times in an RF SHIELDED building, and I got calls ringing through the shielding.

So, for me there was no comparison. It cost more, but my butt was on the line with my connectivity, and I had to have that service -- and I have the service to this day.

Recently though, I had to go to take my dog to a remote area above Temecula in California to shelter my Dog for a trip. I could get coverage (bars) there, but I could not connect a call through. The lady running the kennel said that ATT was the only provider that worked there... So... for remote areas, maybe ATT is catching up? I've heard stories that ATT coverage is not so great everywhere, but at least in this one place it was the only option.

Comment Re:Unity is one of 3 Main Linux Desktops? (Score 1) 228

KDE and Gnome obviously yes, but Unity is one of the top 3? Just because most recent Ubuntus foist this on users (and most feedback I've seen has been negative)...

OK, I'll bite... Yes, Unity is crap. BUT IT WAS LESS CRAP THAN Gnome3.0 and KDE4.0 WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT -- and that's why i use it to this day. I am on Unity because it's not as clunky & restrictive as gnome3, and KDE was complete and "udder" stink under 4.0. But more than that, Ubuntu 6 mo. release cycles are awesome & I am hooked on that, and it's easier for me to stay on the path that they are actively developing for now. However, now that KDE4 is on the .7 minor release & seems to be looking better -- well, maybe I'll try Kubuntu in PeePee (seems only fitting that this is an LTS).

Comment Nothing better, actually (Score 1) 798

I wanted to stay with a mainline Linux graphical environment that would grow & wouldn't break too badly with each release. So, I figured that I had 3 choices really for main-line Linux environments... Gnome 3, KDE 4 and Unity... and I was already on Ubuntu. Gnome 3 was/is not mature yet... I'd tried KDE4 and found it "wanting." And I'd tried Unity on a Netbook -- It was a bit slow, but usable and tweak-able with Compiz -- and hey, for Netbooks, right? -- they had to make it faster.

Well, I decided I liked the 6 month cycles & decided not to migrate to Debian or Fedora. I eventually bit the bullet & let Ubuntu upgrade my laptop to Unity, & "got used to it." I keep my eye on Gnome 3 but, PLEASE -- that's even more a joke. KDE 4 also still looks like a Windows knock-off & is still clunky. I'll stick with Unity for a while. At least I'm hopeful because it _has_ improved.

Given the options available and the directions KDE and GNOME are taking... I'm better off with Unity or rolling my own. YMMV, but I'll stick with Unity for now.

Submission + - Amazon Kindle License & TOU GPL Violation 1

m6ack writes: The Kindle License Agreement and Terms of Use clearly states under 3. Device and Software clearly denies many of its customers' basic rights per it's software, including right to distribution and right to create derivative works from it's Linux based Kindle device. Looks like a pretty blatant GPL violation to me. Have they already lost their license to distribute per the GPL?

Comment Re:We Need to Define Pornography in this Case... (Score 1) 537

... and no, I'm not saying this because I want to see his collection. I'm saying this because there could be at least three different relevant definitions of porn here, and we need to know which one is being used:

  • Pornography as defined by a religious extremist
  • Pornography as defined by a conservative government
  • Pornography as defined by someone who uses the internet regularly

So... A forth...

Pornography as blessed in the name of Jihad

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