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Comment I like doping! (Score 5, Insightful) 173

Why does doping get such a bad rap?
The anti-doping groups are terrified of new doping methods they cannot detect.
This is great, if the doping has no adverse side effects and is not detectable then I want some!
I want these athletes testing out drugs and the long term affects and me benefiting from watching their performances and some day using safe versions of the drugs

Anti-doping is a waste of money. They should be putting money into making doping safe.

Fairness is pointless, some people are born taller, stronger, faster. Some have more money for better training, coaching, and equipment.
No reason we cannot level the playing field or push it beyond its current limits with chemistry.

Plus if your sport requires such little skill that doping can help you win it, then it is not much of a sport anyway

Comment When will my phone be like my PC? (Score 1, Insightful) 226

When will I be able to install whatever OS I want on my phone from a flash drive, in the same way I install the OS on my PC?

Now I understand the carriers do not exactly want this and perhaps the manufacturers are not keen on the idea either, but someone stands to benefit from the model and force everyone to follow.

So we have the politics to deal with in some ways, lets talk technical and economic first.

If I can swap a SIM card or forge an ESN then I have a technical solution around the carriers, right?
It seems CDMA may be a bitch, does anyone know if I can technically bring any CDMA phone with the right modem to the likes of Verizon and Sprint without their "help"?

Now we just need a manufacturer willing to make some open hardware, there seems to be a few out there and the Nexus line of phones is not too bad.
But the bootloader and then the driver issues seem like another pain I hear about.
What is the issue there, and what are the solutions?

PCs work with the fabulous x86 BIOS stuff? Just need a Windows or Linux driver then and you are good to go? Can that be possible with the ARM architecture, or is everything wild west and so custom outside of the standards that it will not work that way?

Economics? It will never sell? Everyone expects a $200 on contract phone. These free, as in speech, phones cost to much and no knows they want them except geeks?
Cell phones are a status symbol, they are jewelry?
Oh well, maybe we can get enough of use geeks to buy them. Perhaps people will get fed up with the constant phone upgrading and everything will level out like the PC and notebook PC markets seem to have.

What do these new OSes offer me anyway? Android Froyo sped up my applications with JIT and gave me tethering. After that Gingerbread and the like have just slowed down my Nexus One and offer no new features.
Maybe I do not really need to ability to upgrade the OS on my phone, it is not worth it.

Comment Missed business opportunity.... (Score 1) 132

No, no, no. You continue to sell repressive regimes surveillance tech. Then you sell the citizens under the regime circumvention means. Double the sales!

Now if you wanted to look at it from a higher moral standpoint: these regimes will get surveillance tech one way or another, if you do not sell it to them someone else will.
The money from the sale will further surveillance tech development by your immoral competitors.
Not only that but they probably will not provide any means for the citizens to circumvent them.

Comment Re:Win8 is a non-event (Score 1) 504

and every other one sucks (Win 3.0, 95, ME, Vista.)

Huh I always liked Windows 95, no way I was going back to Windows 3.1 from Windows 95.
Never used Windows 3.0, had Windows 2000 when Windows ME was being peddled, and Vista never got much use, nor gave me much trouble.

I am not convinced the Star Trek Movie release sequence can be applied to Windows yet, at least not without blurring some things to make it fit.

But I think your other points stand, enterprise will probably not mess with Windows 8.
Well unless the old UI can be flipped on easily and everything else just fits like Windows 7, then it may at least not be a "downgrade to XP from Vista" situation again and Windows 8 will silently replace Windows 7 as new hardware is installed.
But how likely is that?


Wikileaks Suspends Publishing Of Cables Due To "Financial Blockade" 316

lee1 writes "Wikileaks has had to cease publishing classified files due to what the organization calls a 'blockade by US-based finance companies' that, according to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has 'destroyed 95% of our revenue.' Assange also opined that 'A handful of US finance companies cannot be allowed to decide how the whole world votes with its pocket.' According to Assange the group was taking 'pre-litigation action' against the financial blockade in Iceland, Denmark, the UK, Brussels, the United States, and Australia. They have also filed an anti-trust complaint with the European Commission."

Comment Re:Violence is to sex as apples are to steak. (Score 1) 258

Thanks for fixing my "their".

I certainly think that children can understand the mechanics and scandal of sex; I had put the basics together by ten. I just do not see the hypocrisy of regulating sexually explicit material tightly versus being lax on violent material. Why are the two grouped together at all? They should not be!

I am all for children seeing more boobies and what not, I think that our up-tight sexual attitude in the US is why we are the biggest consumers of porn.

I am sure exposure to sex and violence can hurt a child's development to a certain degree, but I think they are complete separate issues.

But really if we are worried about are children being violent we should regulate candy distribution.

Comment Violence is to sex as apples are to steak. (Score 1) 258

"Why does the court treat violent images and sexual images so differently?"

Why would anyone think that sexual images and violent images should fall in the same category?
A child can understand violence, it is not very hard. Everyone has bumped there head or cut themselves, they know it hurts, it is not good. It is easy to extrapolate this to a greater extent, a child can do that. But sexuality, a child by definition has not even hit puberty, sexuality is physically incomprehensible and its consequences are so complex that most adults do not grasp them. Violent and sexual images are two totally different things! Please set me straight otherwise...

Comment Re:The grey line of theft (Score 1) 276

It is less about greed and more about control. Property, imaginary or not, we all want to collect and control it all. When it is our creation we get very protective, hypocritically protective, when it is not our creation we loosen the rules so we can gain a tighter grip.

I am curious about your parking meter analogy. What are parking meters for? You will generally only see them in areas with a limited amount of parking, where parking is scarce and therefore much more valuable. Does the city put meters in place to capitalize on this situation or to regulate the situation? If there were no parking meters in place then all those spots in front of the smoothie joint may have been occupied by squatters who grabbed a good spot and are holding on to it. But because the city charges a relatively high minutely rate for the spots have high turn over. A quarter would have been worth your trouble had the alternative for free parking meant you had to walk a few blocks. I am not sure how parking is "imaginary property", I can touch the parking spot, hell even taste if I wanted. The city rents that spot out with a parking meter. Now if the parking meters where in place purely for revenue, then they would run 24/7, most parking meters have an enforcement time on them, generally during busy periods; only the most extremely trafficked spots have 24/7 metering. When you parked for free you used that parking space and no one else could. Did you deny the city revenue? Perhaps, someone else may have paid for that spot, but if there were other spots open around it probably not. You did not seem to violate the spirit of the parking meter which is in place to regulate the best use of the parking spot.

Intellectual property law is in place to promote the release of intellectual creations, the state grants a limited monopoly to the creator to reward them for releasing the creation. Problems arise in two ways: when creation ceases because the incentive is not large enough to create and alternatively when the spread of creative works is inhibited by the monopoly which is intended solely to promote the distribution not gain the creator profit. The term starving artist is a testament to amount of motivation that is needed to promote creation, along with the argument that truly greatest intellectual creations will come out of necessity and/or love for the art. On the other hand distribution of intellectual property is being crippled by the "property" owners, wide spread access, which is the ultimate goal, is being unnecessarily restricted and opposing the spirit of intellectual property law.

Value is found in scarcity, copyright creates an artificial scarcity. Your parking space analogy falls short when we cannot replicate parking spaces at little cost. That simple parking space on the side of the road could be expanded with parking garages and what not, but it comes at a material and an even greater spatial expense. The replication, distribution, and storage of movies, television, software, and books is astoundingly cheap these days and has decreased the value of such commodities to near nothing.

The most interesting area of intellectual property is in pharmaceuticals. Something like the cure to a disease seems near priceless until it is discovered, then it is only as expensive as replicating it once the formula is known. Yet the expense in researching the drug or vaccine may have been very high. If we attempt to distribute the cost of the research across the sale of the cure then there may be some who are denied access. This is easily resolved with up front funding. Those who find the cure valuable will raise money for its research and fund the research. The research only has investors interested in the end cure not the monetary gain from the cure. The same approach should be taken towards all intellectual property. If you enjoy an artist and wish to promote more creation from that artist, then fund the artist. Eventually we will see more movements like for the creative arts. An established artist can go on there and say: "Hey you liked our first album, if we raise $500K we will create another!" An up and coming artist will say: "Here is a sample track of what I am capable of...if I raise $50K I will put out an album!" The money can be held in escrow and once the artist makes good the money is released to them. The more the artist makes good on their offers for new creative works the more fans will be willing to front them money.

We have not seen the fashion industry, where no intellectual property rights exist, collapse. Instead we still see people paying obscene amounts for a label, and really branding is the only intellectual property that is truly important; because branding benefits the consumer. Branding lets the consumer know that the product is from the creator they assume it is from. Consumers seem to live and die by branding, whether it is Apple or Nike or Lady Gaga, it is an image and a "quality" expectation. Credit where credit is due is the most important trend across all intellectual property creation from the name of a band to the author and contributors to a journal article.

Honestly I would rather most movies not be made. Did I really need Spiderman 3 the movie or Lost the television show? Heck no, they were disappointing, but I watched them so I could be in the loop with my social circles and my late night television jokes. I need to be cultured, for the same reason I read the classics. I did not enter into any contract with the creators of Spiderman 3 that I would pay for that junk, but I am not going to suffer to a greater extend by being socially ostracized for not having seen it (thank God for VLC and 1.5x speed viewing), and I am surely not going to promote the additional creation of such garbage by paying for it...but that is my own personal hypocritical justification perhaps...

Comment Forget Security (Score 1) 373

Why not just build planes that cannot be hijacked and buildings that can withstand a plane hitting them, and forget all this non-sense?
Lock the cockpit door. See the the Empire State building July 28, 1945 for how to build a proper building in New York.
Has to be cheaper to higher some security guard to sit on ever plane, he can slap anyone around who is looking like they want to cause problems.
No more security theater.

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