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Comment Re:Remarkable technical prowess! (Score 1) 157

I got a hold of one (ZModo) and after putting a known good hard drive in it it worked for a while and then suddenly the SATA controller must have fried. It will no longer recognize any hard disk. Since I didn't pay all that much for it, I pretty much consider it disposable. I'll probably end up using the cheap cameras I got on something a little less flaky.

Comment Re:Can't let every consumer dictate what privacy i (Score 1) 101

I read that line and thought... great. Someone out there is going to think that their screen height is private and break every website that uses scroll effects. That's not a major loss, but what if they decided that the browser is private? People can't be allowed to determine everything that's private... can they?

Comment Re:levels of trust (Score 1) 165

I was pretty up on this new venture until all of these clearly misleading statements began to appear.

Some would say it's intentional and seems to be working. I personally uploaded some non-copyrighted material to test the waters and see how the system works and so far it's been slow and pretty crappy but I can't speak for the security of it (since I'm no expert.) There are some things that worry me (like requiring devs give them the source to any apps written around the page...) but those are other issues.

Comment Re:Security hole 1, Kim Dotcom (Score 3, Informative) 151

It says on their developer page:

This master key is stored on MEGA's servers, encrypted with a hash derived from the user's login password. ... In addition to the symmetric key, each user account has a 2048 bit RSA key pair to securely receive data. Its private component is stored encrypted with the user's symmetric master key.

According to that, the keys are stored on the server, but it's encrypted with a hash of your password... I understand that all they would have to do is store the generated key somewhere and have full access to all your files if they wanted. I'm not debating that.

The part I'm trying to figure out is:

The cryptographic integrity of MEGA's user data is important to us. We can therefore not allow you to distribute or make available your client application without going through us. We will perform a code audit of your product and promote/distribute it on our site.

So they want full access to the source of your client "to ensure the integrity of MEGA's user data" but for some reason I keep reading that as though they know the properly coded application could damage their site.

Comment Re:please think of the children (Score 1) 899

Scarlet Letters, Red Crosses, Peeing On a Tree... humans are no different from dogs when it comes to trying to take ownership of things that are not theirs. I'm sure there's a psychological reason for doing it (power? control?) but it's all the same. If they can publicly 'shame' you to drum up fear, they think others will fall in line.

Comment Re:I don't understand the "high cap" magazine ban (Score 1) 1862

so your saying that at Sandy Hook Elementary that more kids would be alive if he had 10 round magazines?

Just to be clear... I never said that. In fact, I disagree with the quote's premise and was merely putting it there to provide a "TL;DR" for the person that didn't read the article.

Comment Re:Blood is on the NRA Hands (Score 2) 1862

I always like hearing this argument (about Military might) ... if anything were to happen on a big enough scale, some of those people will be ex-military and some of those military will question the shooting of "fellow Americans." Even though you are taught to believe that our troops are programmed robots who will shot whatever they are told, it's simply not true. Granted, it would be a matter of scale issue. They will not think twice about a small uprising in a compound in Texas, but if it happens on a greater scale the outcome will be civil war with hardware on both sides.

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