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Comment Re:One word: Lawsuits (Score 2) 253

Both my friend and I bought the DOD GS600... one came with a bum controller, but we had the other one to use for setting it up. They've been reliable with very few lost videos (if it's in the middle of a 1 minute block and you shut off the car it may lose that clip.) Interestingly enough, we've had better luck using 5 minute blocks of video.

We got it because it claimed 1080p video. We've mainly been using it in 720p because it looks about the same (ie: you can't read plates unless you are right up on the person even in 1080 mode) and you can record longer without having to reformat/clear the card.

Video wise and dependability? It's not bad. It's good for CYA and a few laughs at morons doing stupid things. I've considered it well worth the cost of the unit and I don't know if there's anything else out there that would give (better) real good clear video without paying for it.

I've left mine in the front window 24/7 (garaged at home, open parking lot at work) without any issues in regards to the sun beating down on it all day.

Comment Re:walled gardens don't work (Score 4, Insightful) 217

I kind of wish that there was a recess in the back of the TV or more "behind the screen" PCs that mount on the VESA pins (or between if you wall mount it) that had a simple 12v power supply and HDMI port. This way you can buy "smart" modules or a PC that mounts on the back of the set to give you the "smart" feature set. Leave the TV up to the task of getting and displaying a signal to the best of it's ability (like you said.) If you ever need to update the "smart" part of the TV, you wouldn't have to replace the whole set. I have a 1080p monitor in my living room that has lasted far longer than the media PC I have connected to it.

Comment Re:Not again... (Score 1) 1110

I use Gnome 3 on a daily basis. Most of it makes sense and while it launches apps fullscreen by default, it doesn't restrict me from putting my apps at 50% screen. I just drag the app to the side and I get a nice little context that says the window will be resized to 50% width. In Windows 8 Metro it makes it something like 20% and there's no option to split the screen 50%.

Now, admittedly, I have a few extensions on Gnome 3 to make some minor tweaks which probably should be options to Gnome itself (rather than an extension) but adding extensions is a simple as going to a webpage and turning on a switch and if you want to tweak settings with an extension, right click on the activities or the extension icon.

My biggest complaint with Gnome 3 is the inability to favorite any app so it shows up on the quick launcher on the left side of the screen. (Only apps with shortcut launcher files created will allow you to favorite them.)

Comment Re:Lousy ideas (Score 1) 1013

Sure mine may have been different (It was given by a former JAG officer) but I do at least one clip of each type whenever possible (the lights out can be tough when you don't have the whole range) on my trips to the range. I mainly bought the gun for the target practice aspect and I find that the point and shoot practice helps me with my normal sight shooting by getting me accustomed to the weapon. We were taught two shots. One to the chest and the second should have a better chance for a head shot because of recoil. With my normal practice sessions, I find that I end up a body shot both of them, but I can understand someone with less practice could not compensate for recoil on the second shot.

Comment Re:Lousy ideas (Score 1) 1013

In a situation like that, you aren't aiming to destroy a tank with your small arms. You are only making it harder for them to achieve their goal. It's nuisance warfare. If you keep the military forces busy for even a short period of time, others can build up required tools to combat the forces. (IEDs, etc.) If you just throw your hands up and give into the military might there's no possible way to win.

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