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Comment Re:money-making scheme (Score 1) 348

well the government doesn't have to make money

You must not live in the same US that I live in. I've worked with city police and I constantly heard about decisions between buying a new patrol car or hiring another officer. I know many departments that would love to have more money to spend on people/tools.

Comment Re:I left them all behind for Minecraft (Score 2) 555

Given how little we know about Landmark's details, I'm a little leery of dedicating too much time to it. The building part of Minecraft is the least of the enjoyment I get out of it. What I have fun doing is funnelling mobs into death chambers, creating automated farms, complex piston contraptions, hopper and redstone circuits. If Minecraft was just a game of building large static structures... I definitely wouldn't put as much time into it.

With the size of the voxels, it would make it hard to do rails I imagine and I'm having a hard time imagining how they would implement pistons (or something of the like to move voxels around without players in "edit mode"). With the confined "building plots", I think it's going to be hard to do large scale mining operations or get into machinery like some of the mods add.

They also said they want to allow people to build Sci-Fi environments, but without some way to program the voxels or some kind of complex mechanisms... it's only going to be people making non-functioning ship husks and getting bored.

Comment Re:As a LOTRO player (Score 1) 555

Most new players focus intently on making a high damage build, choosing high damage classes as main preference

I have to blame part of this on the design of games coming out. It seems like any meaningful crowd control, healing, and utility classes are being sidelined for DPS. Even with Guildwars, the mobs all die so fast that DoTs, heals and other utility are pointless.

Comment Re:Not this time, Sony (Score 4, Insightful) 294

> If it keeps the fuckwits off the service then maybe its not such a bad thing?

I take it you've never been on XBox Live... I know you said you've been a PlayStation person all these years, but if you've ever been over at a friend's house while they are on a multiplayer game, it can be quite horrific.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 410

My 2004 RX8 was 145-148 'ish. The 2008 MX5 was something like 140. I'm sure it depends on the car. I haven't had the location or space to see what my Audi S4 will do, but at 135 or so the slightest rise in the track becomes a bit scary... but I consider it more of a "luxury" than a "sports" car.

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