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Comment Re:Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

I keep my Nexus 10 tablet next to the bed and the connector is nearly impossible to see in the dark (white paint or not...) I end up basing the orientation of the plug on the way the cable is bending because that's the way it sits on the night stand.

I kind of wish that the connector was more friendly though, it's annoying enough having to find the port let alone get the orientation correct. It's almost so bad I thought about getting a magnetic connector for the bottom connector that Samsung didn't include a cable for.

Comment Re:Oh my god (Score 4, Interesting) 403

He's not "making" a living though. According to the article, he's actually living on food stamps and using bitcoin to supplement. Since he's not paying into the system, he's more of a drain than a benefit. I also assume he's doing it by choice and doesn't want to do anything more with his technical knowledge. Maybe he's just waiting for a position in management.

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