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Comment Re: Citation Needed (Score 1) 354

If you want to you could have whatever validation (or any) script you use on the server be sent to the client to be run before they submit the data. You still have server side sanity checking and you get client side for "free".

I assume the sell is mainly part of being able to seamlessly share data via JSON (without extra parsers) and working with one language all the time. That's the main "cool" factor for me. I don't have to switch "modes" and think Ruby/.NET/PHP when working on the backend and then switch to thinking "JavaScript" on the front.

Comment Re:Liberty (Score 1) 356

> 10 years ago most people identifying as libertarians opposed gay marriage because they thought the government shouldn't be in the marriage business

10 years ago? As a (small 'L')libertarian, I feel that today. The only catch is that I don't think there should be any benefit for any marriage. I don't think religious ceremony or beliefs should be a part of our daily modus operandi be it gay marriage, abortion regulation, birth control, or whatever. That's the reason we have States set up to enact laws to control their people and the Federal Government is supposed to be on the citizen's side to protect our freedom. Sadly, corruption has been wiggling it's way in over the past 200+ years.

There are conservatives that are clinging to ideas of libertarianism to further their agenda, but that happens all around. Unfortunately, these clingers are the vocal ones.

Comment Re:Tax dodge (Score 1) 356

Or just make staple foods and some other things that are required to live tax free (maybe even a tax barrier where items up to $x are non-taxed.) This way only the "poor" buying luxury items on a regular basis will be impacted.

Comment Re:Multi-mode is old news (Score 1) 146

I don't imagine it's all that hard to adapt airline toilets to a train. When you land and before you take off, the sewage can be pumped out. In fact, these just look like airline bodies without the wings/engines so anything you can fit in a cargo bay of a plane to handle air processing should work. You wouldn't really need segregated power generator systems. You'd need enough power to keep the system running between the train and the plane which a relatively small UPS could do, but once you are docked on either system you can always draw power from those.

What I'm waiting for is the "emergency ejection system" that is basically a small set of deployable wings and an automated flight landing system. Modern planes already have fairly complex auto-pilots and I believe some of them even land a plane for you. It's just a matter of wiring it up.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1) 955

I'm sure you'd have no problem with me logging every second of your life so when you go up for your next review or face a judge for something you may or may not have done I can bring forth a closet full of evidence to paint you in whatever light I'd like to. Is that the type of world you want to live in? A world where one misstep in your life can be used to frame you or nail you to a wall in another unrelated trial? All it would take is for you to say something like "I wish Johnson were dead" and someone can use that as proof that you wish ill-will on someone even if you said it but didn't really mean it.

Even if they aren't recording the entire conversation, let's say someone calls your number right before robbing a bank or committing murder. Maybe they got your number off a found cellphone from the person they intend to kill. You are now linked to that person in more ways than random chance. Now, the NSA has a record on you, your tax records (of which I'm sure you lied at least once...) along with a call from this bank robber who you don't even know... now you have to spend a few days answering questions, losing time away from your job/family. Now your entire family is being watched for the next few years waiting for any sizable deposit to flag and bring in for questioning. For what? Because some psychopath decided he wanted to bring down some person and those that may know him?

Comment Re:Thunderbolt adapters are your docking station (Score 1) 141

A docking station you just place your laptop on and you can control things like power, plug in multiple monitors, keyboard/mouse, headset, etc. All with one motion. With the current state of Apple devices you have to plug in about four things before you start working. It doesn't sound like a lot, but if you regularly attend meetings, plugging and unplugging throughout the day can get tedious. A docking station is much more convenient. I would agree that Thunderbolt in theory should be able to daisy chain multiple devices, but I do not believe their are any thunderbolt monitors with passthrough so you eat up one TB port (last time I checked, they only come with one and I do not believe there is a hub on the market yet.) This means one external monitor at the end of your chain... not two. On top of that, the cheapest TB "dock" that I've seen is $200+ and that's without the $50 cable.

Comment Re:You've left something out (Score 2) 141

Of all the things I do on a computer, software development has been the major reason for multiple monitor setups. I can think of no other single reason to use multiple displays greater than that of development. It surprises me how many people assume that developers only need one screen because of their shortsighted vision that a developer is "just showing text so therefore must not need a fancy set of displays."

On top of that, some of they guys at work have been moving to Macbooks for their development machines and I can't figure out why they'd want to lug around thunderbolt adapters and everything else to plug in multiple screens when they had a perfectly capable docking station with their Dell laptop previously. Why don't Macs have docking ports?

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