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Submission + - Compusa Worse off than Current Speculation

An anonymous reader writes: CompUSA is in Worse shape than they are letting on. What is known is that they are closing half of the US retail stores by the end of March. What is not commonly known is that CompUSA is going out of business, and intends to completely close by Christmas 2007.

It is a sad day, as CompUSA has been the springboard for many a technician to get into the industry.

The problem is complicated and will not be fixed as stated by CompUSA to the media thus far. Online retail has impacted the bottom line, but mismanagement, and lackluster decisions, as well as questionable business practices have made CompUSA a money-pit.

Employees of stores around the nation that have remained open have been warned that the store that they work at will be closed as well.

As quoted in Andy Patrizio's article 'Game Over For Retail', Brian Sozzi, research analyst for Wall Street Strategies, has this to say:

"They just haven't found that niche they can carve into. Why go to CompUSA when you can buy a computer and a TV at Best Buy?" he said. "I think it's just about the end for them. There's only so many stores you can cut for profits."

He doesn't know how right he is.

Reference Material:

CompUSA to close Portland stores 2/26/daily46.html
Game Over For Retail, Or Just CompUSA? By Andy Patrizio 663466

Submission + - Windows Vista keygen is a hoax

An anonymous reader writes: The author of the Windows Vista keygen that was reported yesterday on Slashdot has admitted that the program does not actually work. Here is the initial announcement of the original release of the keygen, and here is the followup post in which the same author acknowledges that the program is fake. Apparently, the keygen program does legitimately attack Windows Vista keys via brute force, but the chances of success are too low for this to be a practical method. Quote from the author: "everyone who said they got a key a probably lying or mistaken!"

Feed Sirius, XM: Radios Not Obsolete (

Sirius and XM issued statements that their existing radios would work with the new service they would create by merging, but will the number of channels available increase? In Listening Post.

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