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Comment Re:the school already is lying (Score 1) 364

Doesn't say that the school official activated the camera or snapped the pic. If the student snapped their own pic and the school official saw the picture, the school would be totally within their rights (assuming they have the right to browse the contents of the laptop at any time, and this I would assume).

Comment Re:the school already is lying (Score 1) 364

Not if the student took the picture of himself. The "big question" here is: Who activated the camera?

Also, I don't think I've seen anywhere that indicates this security software can snap pictures without turning the green light on next to the camera. Meaning that we're not exactly talking about "covert surveillance".

Comment So when will they admit this about Los Angeles? (Score 2, Interesting) 144

Very few days go by when I don't have a call dropped on my iPhone, just sitting here in my home office. And forget about when driving. Everyone I know in LA who has an iPhone complains about the very same thing. If you want to listen to a funny conversation, eavesdrop on a conversation between two iPhones. "Yeah, it's me again. The iPhone dropped the call again. Yeah, well.... hello? Hello?"

So far their answer? "Mark The Spot", an iPhone app that they want you to switch to and register a complaint about dropped calls instead of trying to call back the person whose call just dropped off. Why don't they look at their records and see the number of times I redialed a number within 30 seconds that I was just connected to?

I've been an Apple guy since the II, and make my living on the Mac platform. But another couple of months to shake out the Nexus and I'm moving. I like Apple but not willing to continue being punked by this Apple/AT&T alliance.

Submission + - Thorium, the next nuclear fuel? ( 1

mrshermanoaks writes: When the nuclear choices were being made, we went with uranium because it had the byproduct of producing plutonium that could be weaponized. But thorium is safer and easier to work with, and may cause a lot fewer headaches. So why are we not building these reactors?

Comment Phones need to display detailed power usage (Score 1) 246

If phones could display detailed and accurate information as to the power usage of each application, we'll be able to evaluate applications not only based on features and stability but also power consumption. Apps could compete to use the least amount of power, or be configurable individually to balance battery & speed.

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