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Comment Re:Styling the UI? (Score 1) 281

I've just created an <audio> based project along with a friend. We didn't use the 'controls' attribute, and instead created some faux-LCD style display, with all the play, pause, skip buttons, volume dial and track progress slider with scrubber, in standard HTML - images, <a> links and JS calls. All styled as per our own designs. I assume <video> is much the same, but I've only yet begun to fiddle with using that element as yet.

Comment for what reason (Score 2, Interesting) 204

Honestly, what kinds of hot (political) info would someone expect to find on Facebook? Is it because it's popular? Hence it must be monitored? Here's a clue to the UK government: don't trust the banks, don't go to war on flimsy excuses, don't spy on your electorate. How's about money saved by avoiding the above on: better investment in UK business, better investment in healthcare, better investment in, err, the UK.

Comment Re:Um, what? (Score 3, Informative) 492

agree. It was nice to look at, however I've seen this done before. On YouTube no less. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzqumbhfxRo&feature=related) This is DJ Shadow, using video footage. And people have been doing what DJ Shadow did for a while before that. Nice, but not revolutionary. As an earlier post pointed out, it's evolutionary.

Rails and Merb Ruby Web Frameworks Merge 80

An anonymous reader writes "The Merb and Rails Core Teams today announced a major merger; the two projects will become one, and be released some time in Q2 of 2009 as Rails 3. This is great news for lots of folks who worried about the potential community fracture, as well as great news for all the developers who will now have an all-around better option for programming Ruby. Read more about the details in Yehuda's blog post, or at the Ruby on Rails blog."

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