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Comment I find it enjoyable, but it isn't for everyone... (Score 2, Interesting) 401

I have been playing since it was released (not the collectors early release) and I have found it quite enjoyable. The main thing I have a problem with right now is the bazaar-only system. They really need to implement an auction house. I've left my game logged in overnight several times just to sell off some inventory, because the market wards just seem too cumbersome to actually use them. I'm sure my video card loves that... and high pop servers probably appreciate the associated lag of loading everyone's character model etc. Another thing they ought to do is give us recipe books. The crafting system is intricate enough without having to go to a 3rd party website to look up mats for everything you want to craft. Love how crafting damages your gear too.

I figure they have until WoW:Cataclysm comes out to sink or swim, at least for me.


Massive EU Program To Study Three-legged Dogs 85

DMandPenfold writes "A multi-billion dollar European Union IT research fund will help study the behavior of three-legged dogs, it has been revealed. The fund will support extensive studies into how three-legged dogs move. There is a particular focus on how the dogs balance and function, given their missing limb."

How To Build a Winscape 161

hoagaboom writes "You take your plasma TVs, mix them with a healthy dose of OpenGL and a dash of Wii Remote. Bake for a year and enjoy something called a Winscape." Although I'm not sure I'm quite willing to wear a special necklace to make the effect work, it's a super sweet little project, although they want $10 for the software and then $10 for many of the actual video loops.

Comment my 360 died last week... (Score 1) 346

I turned mine on last week, and the graphics went all "watercolor", like it was running in a color mode below that of the norm. The sound still works, but now when I turn it on it just goes to a sort of 'pink snow'. It sounds like it is running fine, but unaware of its video output problems. I think it is just past the extra warranty I bought at Best Buy (knowing it was a Microsoft product, I opted for the extra insurance) so I don't know if I am on my own as of yet or not. The only reason I would consider buying a new console is because I got suckered into buying the HD-DVD drive for 200 bucks before the war was "won" by blu-ray and I have a decent collection of discs for it.


Submission + - Beer Launcher

wittmania writes: "John Cornwell has built a beer launcher that has a 10 can magazine and can launch a beer up to 13 feet. It is controlled by a keyless entry remote which allows the "user" to lift a beer out of the mini-fridge, loading it into the catapult. The user then uses the remote to aim and fire the launcher. Cornwell has a video showing the Beer Launcher in action."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Esoterica

Talk about esoteric! The wonders of Wikipedia reveal to me today that there exists a symbol used by flag specialists / enthusiasts, which could be drawn with practice I'm sure in less than 3 seconds, possibly less than 2 (less?), which means "Flag can be hung vertically by hoisting on a normal pole, then turning the pole ninety degrees."

That's specificity.

(See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_terminology)


Submission + - Wanted: 160 Missing FBI Laptops

An anonymous reader writes: The FBI had at least 160 laptops lost or stolen over the past four years, including 10 that contained highly sensitive classified information and at least one that held "personal identifying information" on FBI personnel, according to a report released today by a Justice Department oversight arm. The report found that 51 of the laptops reported lost or stolen may have contained classified data, but that FBI didn't have enough information to say conclusively. The Washington Post notes that only one of the cases documented in the report indicated that the data contained on the lost laptop was protected with encryption technology.

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