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Comment Parity Rip Off? (Score 1) 241

$100/year may be steep, but considering that MS is charging $169 in Australian dollars AND since the $AUS=$US, then this is a digital rip off.
Other companies have been nabbed doing the same thing, geo-locking software downloads and charging whatever they want for the same product. I am really surprised at MS for doing this.

Comment Re:No more time travel! (Score 1) 735

The AC comment has merit. I see the novellas "By His Bootstraps" (Anson McDonald~Robert Heinlein) and Henry Hasse's "He Who Shrank" (1936) deal with, respectively, time travel and dimensionality in original ways, not as a cheap shot but as a thoroughly thought out, mind bending, scrape the stars with your mind kind of story.
He Who Shrank was immortalized poorly in the Incredible Shrinking Man movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050539/ but never approached Hasse's stunning conclusion. That is a property (in the Hollywood sense) that has never been explored.
There are a lot of concepts out there that only the imagination can create and understand, way beyond those concepts foisted upon us by Sci-Fi writers who distinctly lack imagination.

Comment Re:recharging the Solar car at work (Score 1) 177

A small car engine is rated at ~200 KW (i.e. Ford Focus Spec at 223 KW)

A normally aspirated 2 litre motor is around 100-110 KW with around 200nm of torque, nowhere near a 200kw spec. Maybe if you add a turbo you'll get close to it and you really don't need that much power. Also the power output whilst maintaining acceptable speed can be little as a few kw.

Comment Re:Crap (Score 1) 177

I think this is almost like the flying car scenario. A true Solar car would generate its own power and store the excess for night driving (when it's parked for example). And let's not assume for now that Solar = electrical.
The fact that this is impossible to do today, doesn't make the concept stupid. We don't have solar cars as yet - they are electric cars and they don't need solar energy to operate.


Submission + - Domestic Network Expansion? Some strategies please

Whiteox writes: "The problem is which would be the most efficient way of increasing my WiFi capacity. I have approximately 10+ devices connected and I'm feeling the strain. I'm not sure whether I should buy a few more WiFi routers or firewall off some of the devices. Do you have any suggestions of how to proceed with a $500 budget.

I'm running a BiPac 7404VNPX which is a +2 modem/4 port LAN and 2 voip lines. All went OK until the modem part fritzed itself and so now I get internet access via another modem serving the BiPac."

Submission + - Facebook's Graph Search Is a Privacy Test For Internet Users (nytimes.com)

An anonymous reader writes: An article in the NY Times makes the case that Graph Search, Facebook's recently unveiled social search utility, will be a test for users of the social networking site which will have consequences for the internet at large. The test will show whether people are willing to take the next step in sharing parts of their lives, and whether social search is the future for online interaction. '...the company engineers who created the tool — former Google employees — say that the project will not reach its full potential if Facebook data is "sparse," as they call it. But the company is confident people will share more data, be it the movies they watch, the dentists they trust or the meals that make their mouths water.' CompSci professor Oren Etzioni says it's a watershed moment for the social internet because of the scale at which Facebook operates. A decade ago, people began making the choice to share their lives online; buying into social search would be the biggest step since then.

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