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Comment Re:What about immigrant muslims... (Score 1) 275

Don't forget Byzantium and the Eastern Rites. The Magyars played Rome against the Byzantium Pope at least twice while conquering the Great Moravian Empire, once in support of Svatopluk and the other in support of the Franks - the Holy Roman Empire. 100 years later, they were Christianised, about 9 tribal leaders were decapitated, all of the runic written history was destroyed. The Teutons settled in Transylvania next to the Hungarian border guards and the King married a German.

Christianity destroyed culture. In fact very few religions don't have a society to back them up. Forced Conversions? Maybe, but it does have benefits - like a ready made administration that communicates by Latin - the ONLY language recognised by every country in Europe in its spoken and written form. It also has some easy to follow rules - 10 commandments, a calendar, book depositories etc.

Comment Re:Fuck You Woman Worshiper. Marry Little Girls. (Score 1) 275

Well said. The problem with Islam is there is no new testament. It is a barbaric tribal religion. The Taliban fundamentalists that operate from Pakistan are probably the worst. The weapon to use against them is to remove their daughters and women to a safe haven. Even though many of them are indoctrinated, it is utimately for their good. The Taliban will soon stop. will highlight how barbaric Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia Law can be. Quite authoritative. Warning - graphic content on some pages.

Comment Re:Yes tablets are used professionally. (Score 1) 243

Oh yes, on an enterprise level that is very true. The Uni of Western Sydney is handing out 11,000 (eleven thousand) iPads to all its students in 2013. Why? and WTF!
Everyone gets the same hardware that allows the uni to push info, timetabling, live lecture notes, recorded lectures, emails and a myriad of other admin and course work. It will also make it very easy for IT support.
They are not there to replace student laptops/desktops but to act as a communication medium.

Comment Re:Summary implies that tablets are not a fad (Score 1) 243

I've always sided with TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) when deciding to buy multi-function devices or not. I tend to lean towards not as a single purpose device is generally designed to do one thing properly. Most importantly, if a multifunction printer breaks down, then you need to replace the whole lot - including the working parts to retain full functionality.
It's all becoming a bit pointless as consumer hardware is so cheap. So Santy Claus got me a $99 7" tablet which is a nice toy, but that's all it is. It's nice and fast, but the cheap cameras are barely able to function with skype. My GSM mobile takes better pics and my Kindle lasts longer and easier to read.
The $99 Acer tab (or Phab) is just going to be cheap junk on an already pointless platform. I don't get the point about tablets. It's just another device that need charging. They will never replace laptops and laptops are a poor excuse for a desktop system.
Reminds me of an episode of Jetsons, when the little kid gets a tablet in a cereal box!

Comment CO2 Increasing? (Score 1) 313

Really? Is CO2 increasing?
There is a huge difference between global warming and man-made production of CO2 - everything being attenuated by global dimming.
There is so much BS about this that I really hope anyone who has some critical thinking skills use them and make up their own mind. in case you need a refresher.


Submission + - Open Hardware & Software Laptop

mihai.todor85 writes: It looks like Andrew "bunnie" Huang has been quite busy lately, developing a nice open hardware laptop. He was even kind enough to provide all the schematics without NDA. For anybody interested in owning such a device, he says that he "might be convinced to try a Kickstarter campaign in several months, once the design is stable and tested" if enough people are interested.

Comment Re:Someone tell me (Score 1) 306

Well said. However once the foundations of muhammedism are examined closely, devoid of Zoaroster and the sufi, then it becomes empty. Upon this emptiness, the islamic religion was built - more for power and politics than anything else. Now it's out of control and lost. This behemoth is not only dangerous but all convincing, built up into some sort of stairwell to their paradise where they can do things that are banned from them on Earth. It's embarassingly simplistic and I would liken it to Scientology, except there is no god in that. So Sharia law was constructed on this, carpeting over their original vibrant culture for what?

You need a certain level of skill and intelligence to sustain DDOS attacks. Yet these people still don't realise that the preview they are so upset about has no real significance and their quest should be abandoned. Sounds like they are a bunch of kids whose got dad's car keys, but sadly they're probably not.
Islam has turned many away from all religion.

Comment Re:I went and RTFA (Score 1) 126

As I'm not a phone game player, I never saw the need for a game control to move a little mario on a phone. I think you think I meant bluetooth, but no. I mean connecting a game controller and have the requisite i/o from the game itself.
You don't need HDMI, - that's just a bonus ~ you can control the game with a proper controller instead of mashing your firngers on the phone's screen.

Comment I went and RTFA (Score 1) 126

Seems stupid, but I decided to read it.

Adding [the Atlas] controllers to the mobile version of ChronoBlade allows users to experience the game the way it was meant to be played; bringing a true console-like proposition," said Taehoon Kim, co-found and CEO at nWay.

So methinks that this is a way of connecting a game controller to a phone and play the phone's mobile versions of games: Angry Birds would be a good game for it, that sort of thing. The HDMI thing is a bonus.

(Ahhhh... The pain!)

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