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Comment Re:Hilarious (Score 2) 232

nah they come from that mysteriously popular school that thinks that if you abuse customers and they dislike you, then abuse them some more so that they will hate you, and if you keep abusing them the whole situation emerges from the far side of the black hole and then sales magically go up and they win.

Is that what Adobe is trying to do?

The point to be made is that there is a trade-off between the actual usefulness of a piece of tech and PC trend of morally justifying damning the company that make it.
To me, if GoPro is what I need, then I'll buy it.The idiot that used the take-down has nothing to do with the actual tech.

Comment Re:Unlikely to be discontinued altogether (Score 1) 371

Sure! I think you're implying something more profound. That Apple won't move on this issue because it is ridiculous regarding the fan, but I'm not too sure about the electrical port protection. It is impossible to get electrocuted with the current setup, so maybe the EU is more concerned with the internal shielding of all appliances.
Apple have decided not to comply which means:
1. Apple can afford not to market their MacPro's to the EU (see point 7)
2. Apple think that the cost of redesign is not worth the effort, as I doubt they would make an EU only model. If they redesign, then that single design would be for established markets in toto. Almost like making a car that complies with every country's design rules.
3. Apple is betting on the EU making an exception on their product family and hope that public pressure will force the EU to rescind the requirement.
4. Apple have inside information that the EU is going to fall apart 'real-soon-now' and so the modification is pointless.
5. Apple are betting on grey/black market imports.
6. Apple have enough economic, multinational importance to ignore the EU altogether in a delusional world-view sourced from France.
7. Apple sell more than enough iProduct in the EU that already complies.

I'm actually quite happy about this as it adds to the current stratification of geo-politics.

Comment Parity Rip Off? (Score 1) 241

$100/year may be steep, but considering that MS is charging $169 in Australian dollars AND since the $AUS=$US, then this is a digital rip off.
Other companies have been nabbed doing the same thing, geo-locking software downloads and charging whatever they want for the same product. I am really surprised at MS for doing this.

Comment Re:No more time travel! (Score 1) 735

The AC comment has merit. I see the novellas "By His Bootstraps" (Anson McDonald~Robert Heinlein) and Henry Hasse's "He Who Shrank" (1936) deal with, respectively, time travel and dimensionality in original ways, not as a cheap shot but as a thoroughly thought out, mind bending, scrape the stars with your mind kind of story.
He Who Shrank was immortalized poorly in the Incredible Shrinking Man movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050539/ but never approached Hasse's stunning conclusion. That is a property (in the Hollywood sense) that has never been explored.
There are a lot of concepts out there that only the imagination can create and understand, way beyond those concepts foisted upon us by Sci-Fi writers who distinctly lack imagination.

Comment Re:recharging the Solar car at work (Score 1) 177

A small car engine is rated at ~200 KW (i.e. Ford Focus Spec at 223 KW)

A normally aspirated 2 litre motor is around 100-110 KW with around 200nm of torque, nowhere near a 200kw spec. Maybe if you add a turbo you'll get close to it and you really don't need that much power. Also the power output whilst maintaining acceptable speed can be little as a few kw.

Comment Re:Crap (Score 1) 177

I think this is almost like the flying car scenario. A true Solar car would generate its own power and store the excess for night driving (when it's parked for example). And let's not assume for now that Solar = electrical.
The fact that this is impossible to do today, doesn't make the concept stupid. We don't have solar cars as yet - they are electric cars and they don't need solar energy to operate.

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