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Comment Re: When they should be... (Score 1) 146

Compare how the US responded to similar actions in Iran; the president held press conferences and pressed the issue at the UN and got Europe to agree to sanctions. With Bahrain, no action was taken; the implication being that protesters' livesans democracy are worth less than navy parking spaces.

US-made tanks sold to Saudi stormed into Bahrain and crushed the protests. The US government decided that was not enough reason to deny further sales.

Comment Re:When they should be... (Score 1) 146

Current US foreign policy is not "do nothing." The US government backed the Bahraini dictatorship and looked the other way as their police fired on pro-democracy protestors and refused to sanction the government despite its documented use of torture and human rights abuses. Why? Because the Bahraini king allowed the US Navy to park its ships there. The US government approved the sale of weapons to the Saudi dictatorship that human rights groups warned would be used on protestors and for torture (e.g. selling huge shipments of cattle prods to the Saudi government even though they don't have many cows). It's creating a whole generation of people who dislike America, despite the fact that the US was quite popular up until recently.

Comment Re:When they should be... (Score 1) 146

Being raped is not a capital crime in Saudi Arabia. The myth of that got out when a married woman claimed she was raped, and since there wasn't enough evidence to prove it, the prosecutor decided to charge her with adultery. It's screwed up and Muslims around the world protested the case, but they're a US-backed dictatorship and that's that.

Comment Idiotic point (Score 1) 179

This is the same with Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, BBM, and all the rest. At least I can copy my iPhone's messages to a PC and archive them.

Apple's security documents show just how secure it actually is, with iMessage using public key cryptography. Are we going to also complain that PGP locks you in too now?

Comment Re:No matter, GNOME, no thank you (Score 1) 77

but at some point it will always be impossible to evolve without messing up at least some of the workflow and without making some people get used to different paradigms

Why is "evolving" necessary? Some of us want tools, not eye sores^w candy.

There's no inherent advantage in having a desktop that looks like Windows, a Mac, or a cell phone.

Comment Re:No matter, GNOME, no thank you (Score 2) 77

I ditched GNOME for MATE about two weeks ago. A few bugs (e.g., screensaver timer is off), but also fixes things that have been broken in GNOME for years (single left-click on window list to pop something up, vs. right click and pick a menu option).

Restoring my customizations was surprisingly easy - easier than restoring them after the last few GNOME upgrades.

No regrets whatsoever.

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