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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 285

We have had a rash of "bang-bang" style bank robberies in my County, over the past 3-5 years. A couple of these serial robbers have been caught. Anyway, the reported average take is usually somewhere between $3000 - $8000 or so. In my opinion, that's no where near worth the risk. That's not even chump-change, and far more than that is stolen minute-by-minute by white-collar criminals.

Comment Re:Bull (Score 1) 236

Therefore, they don't NEED nuclear.

Incorrect. Iran winds up using a lot of its oil for domestic purposes, when it could export it at a higher profit. They're trying to maximize the returns.

And there are several reasons they are pursuing nuclear power, not just the oil. Part of it is to help bolster it's desire to lead the region in STEM, since they've been trying for decades to show their technological advancement (and they have good engineering), as well as their technological independence. Another part of it is so that they could achieve nuclear latency, or the Japan Option; if threatened with war, they could convert their civilian nuclear power program into a functional nuclear weapons program in a matter of months as a response. (Better than Israel currently threatening them with nuclear attack and the US military literally on both east and west borders of the country)

Comment Re:Fire them (Score 1) 276

"Weird, I can't reproduce it under my user, give me your password so I can try it with yours, you can reset your password after I'm done".

That's not what should happen. Pretty much every secure environment I've worked in, the procedure is: "Sorry about your user-profile bro, we're wiping the machine, and you need to start over. You *did* have backups of all the stuff in your profile. Right?"

Comment Re:Fire them (Score 1) 276

This is the content of every single (mandatory) security training I've been required to take, over the years. It just seems unbelievable to me, that various government agencies spend so much money in this training, and developing strong security practices, that the NSA, of all agencies, would not be following these procedures.

Comment Re:Another Republican Attack on Science (Score 0) 382

The problem is that "scientists" have all adopted a ridiculus lieberal agenda

That's because of reality's well known extreme liberal bias.

whether it is global warming, "organic" food or evolution, they constantly ignore evidence that contradicts their world view and just try to shove their own down our collective throghts

You forgot to offer up some of that evidence that contradicts global warming or evolution.

(And I don't even know what you mean if you say something contradicts organic food. Denying its existence?)

Comment Re:I'm All For It (Score 1) 382

You wouldn't know it from reading the summary, but the NSF already requires an explicit statement about "broader impact" in the summary of every grant proposal - automatic rejection if you leave it out.

The review criteria (instructions to reviewers) also state that the "broader impact" must be taken into consideration.

Comment Re:Maybe won't make any difference (Score 1) 142

Based on what we *know* right now, our best-bet is to build a series of self-sustainable "generation ships"; (very-large spacecraft, capable of sustaining human life over the course of several generations, including the necessary ecosystems to support such life.)

Such technology is at least theoretically do-able, from a technical standpoint.

From an ECONOMIC standpoint, of course, it is as impossible as faster-than-light travel. To expend the money required for such an enterprise, to send-off one or more such "generation ships", with no possible ROI within the lifetime (or thousands of lifetimes) of the investor, is not something that can be done with a civilization that does not even want to invest the money to educate their own children.

And this would only happen if we knew, for certain, that the destination worlds were inhabitable. (and not yet inhabited). And even if they were, we would have to wait thousands of years for the colony to develop to the point of economic viability so that they could even send a response.

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