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Comment Other conditons (Score 1) 263

If someone falls into a black hole, is their soul stuck there for the 62 zillion years it takes the black hole to evaporate?

If you pushed someone into a black hole, could you beat the murder rap by pointing out that he still hadn't finished falling in, from the jury's reference frame?

If you modified Shrõdinger's experiment so that the decay of an atom dropped the cat into a black hole rather than gassing it, then put a cat in the box to create a superposition of "the cat is in the black hole" and "the cat is not in the black hole", is it possible for the superposition to collapse to "the cat is not in the black hole"?

Comment Re:How do you see the entagled pair at the EH? (Score 1) 263

I don't think we can see anything at all, at present, other than their gravitational effect. For example, the mass of something at the center of our galaxy can be determined by the orbits of some stars zipping around it, and the size of those orbits put an upper bound on that something's diameter.

If we were nearer we should be able to see something similar to black body radiation, assuming we weren't blinded by the material swarming around it and falling in.

Interestingly, some physicists think that we might be able to "see" inside a black hole by detecting gravitons / gravity waves.

Comment "easier for non-programmers to build applications" (Score 4, Insightful) 268

Gee, never heard that one before.
What the people pushing these ideas don't seem to know is that it's not the tools, it's the way of thinking about a problem. I once worked at a place where we made a manager a tool that would let him create his own reports, and he immediately started adding up all flavors of apples and oranges (e.g., dollars of this and pounds of that). Then he wanted the small IT staff to help him make sense out of his reports.

Comment Re:Thank goodness (Score 2) 999

What is the problem that so many Americans have with socialised medicine? A healthy community is a productive community and pays more taxes to get the job done. I just don't understand why you have a debate about it.

Because doing it your way would destroy the huge profits people are making off of doing it our way.

Democrats are reluctant to provide good government at the expense of someone's profits; for Republicans, it's completely out of the question.

Clinton era plan, Obama era plan, same thing.

Comment Oh, Barak. . . (Score 2) 999

When asked as he left the podium whether he believed America would be going through all this political turmoil again in a few months, the President didn't waste words. "No."'"

. . . still naive.

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