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Comment Re:Some FA (Score 1) 356

What was he convicted ON? What charge? Obstruction of justice? Article doesn't sat. Lying itself can't be a crime (else every politician and lawyer would be in jail).

Ah, older article did: Dixon, 34, pleaded guilty late last year to charges of obstruction and wire fraud after federal agents targeted him in an undercover sting that was first reported by McClatchy.

Since he pleaded guilty, my sympathy level just went way down.

Wire fraud? A reference to the wires of the machine?

At least it wasn't "terrorism".

Comment Re:Pointless posturing (Score 2) 200

Whoa, now. While it's true that the NSA has a history of disregarding the law, it's bad to fall into the trap of believing that there's no point to creating such laws at all.

What do you want Congressman Holt do?

Demand accountability under the existing laws, and if he can't get that, impeach whoever is the head of the branch of government that runs the NSA.

Comment Re:Snowden beware (Score 1) 250

" If they try and label him a terrorist, zero US citizens are going to buy it so that would just cheapen the word."

Not according to the talking heads on all the news channels. Considering how many people hate Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, an awful lot of people will trust the government's word yet again.

Comment Re:If I... (Score 1) 1255

That is a very poor assumption. Lots of private organizations use money unwisely, even to the point of committing outright fraud.

Education is the latest target of capitalist greed. The "reformers" you hear most about are just seeing how fast they can shovel public money into private pockets, educated children be damned.

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