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Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 83

You know that Kenya and Nigeria are not the same, right?

I spent a couple of years working on 419 style scams. The origin was always, without fail, coastal west African nations. I don't recall even once seeing Kenya crop up. Don't paint all of sub-saharan Africa with the same brush.

Yeah, my bad. If you need an excuse:

I'm an American; I can't be expected to know anything about world geography.

Comment Re:Comment on Korean pilots (Score 2) 213

And I can't believe how many slashdotters are so disconnected from reality that they can't acknowledge that different cultures have inherent strengths, weaknesses, corruptions, and virtues.

What has that got to do with his post? He merely pointed out the folly of believing an A/C post claiming that it's "a comment going around from someone in the know".

Comment Re:Dirty Laundry (Score 2) 266

I believe this move will only further damage the Vatican's reputation.

Anyone who hasn't already kicked them to the curb, after what we know about endemic child molestation and the hierarchy's attempts to cover it up and limit liability, isn't going to be fazed in the least by this.

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