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Comment Re:At least you'll have options (Score 1) 378

No, you've missed the point.

The current situation, if you wanted a stylized block of text, it had to be a graphic--which can't be searched, screen-read, or indexed. In short, the text and the presentation are stuck together.

With the new font-face concept, you now have the text in the source (which CAN be searched, indexed, and read by a screen-reader) and the presentation controlled by the CSS. So I guess, yes, you can get features that previously required a graphic, but now allow text-search, too.

Comment Re:Body Mass Index?!? (Score 2, Informative) 66

...I don't believe that even the most magical of algorithms can derive player body mass indexes or whether they're "slightly more depressed than average" from it. I call bullshit.

TFA also states that the user data "was followed up with demographic surveys of the users." I'd wager that among the demographic information collected was height and weight, as well as some mental health type questions. Admittedly, those aren't questions I'd expect if someone was surveying me, but I'd probably ask them if I were surveying a group of Everquest players...

Comment Re:Damned with and without "paper trail" (Score 1) 507

And if it does, a voter can be bought and/or pressured to vote for someone else — the buyer (or the thug) will demand to see the voting confirmation before giving the money (or letting the kids go)...

Not if the paper trail can't be taken from the polling place. It's the same as with a paper ballot--you verify that it reflects your choices, and then trust that all the votes will be securely and correctly transferred to the central voting authority.

If you can't take the paper with you, (as you can't currently) then your point is moot.

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