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Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 1) 762

"It's all the same." No, actually, it's not all the same. Racism is unique in that it is prejudice based entirely on delusion. Men and women really are different on a biological level - I am not saying that excuses sexism, but sex itself is not something we just invented and assign arbitrarily, it's a real biological distinction. Race is not.

Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 1) 762

"Are you really going to ignore my point because of semantics?"

I am really going to point out when the point you thought you were making is inaccessible or unclear at best, because of your lack of semantic hygiene. You bet.

Semantic hygiene is extremely important if you wish to be able to think clearly and communicate clearly. If you think that semantics is somehow trivial or unimportant? You need to rethink that and find your error.

Unfortunately you may have to improve your semantic hygiene before you will be able to think clearly enough to realise how important it is. Kind of a chicken and egg problem there I guess.

Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 1) 762

No, actually, 'race' is a flat out delusion. It is distinct from ethnicity and implies a biological connection (between members of a purported race) as well as biological separation (between the purported races) neither of which actually exists.

It's not impossible to have multiple human races on the planet - it's happened before and it might well happen again. But the last human race besides our own, the Neanderthals, have been extinct for quite some time now, and all living humans are clearly of the same race.

Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 1) 762

"Let's face reality here - so long as there are obviously different races, there will be racism; it's an inevitability."

Let's face reality here - all humans are clearly members of one race. Racism is the *delusion* to the contrary. Apparently it is a delusion you have yet to free yourself from.

You need to set your own mind free before you can help others with their own.

Comment Re:second hand e-smoke (Score 1) 314

The e-cig just has a battery and an 'atomizer' which is really nothing but a heating element and a liquid reservoir. The juice should contain nothing but PG, VG, water, flavor, and nicotine.

Nothing is "completely safe" but this is about as close as you can get. One thing to remember is that taste varies greatly, and nothing you will get out of a vaporiser is going to truly taste like burning vegetable matter. So it can take some sampling to find a flavor that you actually like.

Comment Re:Speak vs. Read (Score 1) 562

Iiiiiiiin theory.

In practice, written Chinese still reflects Mandarin - the phonology isnt encoded, but the grammar and syntax are. Word choice is affected as well - some words have direct equivalents often cognates with the same meaning but others do not.

In practice literary Chinese encodes Mandarin and some familiarity with Mandarin is needed for speakers of other Chinese 'dialects' to become fluent with it. In practice it is not felt to be a complete method for encoding non-Mandarin speech either. Although it's very convenient for the central authorities to believe otherwise.

Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 2) 353

It's also a market where the customer almost never understands what they are buying. The salescritters certainly never understand what they are selling. Just witness all the babble about 'speed' when they arent talking about speed at all, but throughput. (If you have difficulty understanding the difference, consider a Ferrari vs a Road Train. Which one is faster? According to the marketing materials from every ISP I have ever seen, the tractor-trailer is 'faster' which is obviously utter nonsense.)

Comment Re: the real problem (Score 1) 200

True enough. But on their own they are weak and marginalized and little threat.

When they do manage to provoke an invasion, that strengthens their hand immensely. The death and destruction and poverty inflicted gives them a generation of recruits and donors they would not otherwise have. And now we have jihadi armies, from Libya to Syria and on over to Afghanistan, created by US foreign policy and interventions.

Comment Re:Chrome? (Score 2) 223

Yeah, look. Pat yourself on the back for being 'up-to-date' all you want but you are missing the point. You cannot have privacy and an ecmascript based substitute for the web, they are mutually exclusive. No matter what else you tighten up on the browser end, if your browser is required to trust the server it will be compromised in short order. This is not a matter of old vs new it's a matter of fundamental logic.

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