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Comment Re:Again with the Reagan worship (Score 1) 50

Reagan was not a perfectly consistent conservative, and his term in office the government was not very conservative at all actually, but it's hard to think of any better word to describe Reagan himself. Beirut was one of the best points to show this, in fact - although he at first fell for war party line and setup a foothold in the middle east, it didnt take him long to wise up and reverse course.

The rest of the things you mention are blameworthy but I honestly believe he was mostly a patsy on those, he trusted and believed the wrong people, he didnt ask all the right questions, he was loyal to his subordinates to a fault, and a lot of bad stuff went down on his watch. What you dont mention is that the size of government grew in all areas even faster than under his predecessor, but then again that's blame Congress has to take the majority share in.

Overall I would characterise Reagan as a conservative who had difficulty governing, as a conservative.

Comment Re:America is fucked ... (Score 1) 455

You (and others) are simply missing the point here. We are talking about authority. You are talking about procedure. It's true that there is no court of appeal above the Supreme Court, which is what your point amounts to. And that may well give them some de facto power to 'interpret' the Constitution away. But that does not mean they or anyone else has actual authority to do so. There is also a clear procedure prescribed for amending the Constitution, you see, and the Supreme Court is not involved.

Comment Re:America is fucked ... (Score 4, Insightful) 455

Because the court system have an extremely poor record when it comes to striking down unconstitutional laws that are politically popular. Unfortunately the courts just cannot be counted on to lead on these issues. They wont be willing to stand up for justice until it becomes unnecessary for them to do so (because the politics will have swung far enough to legalise - we are very nearly there already.)

Comment Re:America is fucked ... (Score 4, Insightful) 455

To answer your question (though I suspect you know the answer already) an amendment was required to prohibit alcohol because the constitution gives the feds no power to do such a thing. And the only reason it didnt require a constitutional amendment to outlaw cannabis and cocaine and opium is simply racism - our ancestors were willing to let the government expand its power unconstitutionally in this way after being re-assured this would only be used to outlaw drugs that "others" used. Cannabis was primarily used by chicanos, cocaine by blacks, opium by chinese immigrants.

That racism is something we are paying the price for still today.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1, Informative) 631

Sounds like you should try Slackware. In my experience it's always the one that 'just works.' No idiot package-manage to fight with, no ABI breakage caused by munchkin compiler options, no big fancy system management system that you cant get to even run when you actually need it - just a nice sane system that does what it's told to do.

Comment Re:dying desktop. (Score 1) 631

"Ok the desktop isn't going to die, but it is becoming more of a workstation than a personal computer."

Odd that you would say that. The whole 'desktop' fad in linux has resulted in the deprecation of lots of workstation quality software in favour of new, flashy, incompetent 'desktop' replacements. So are you predicting a reverse of that trend?

Comment Re:Linux Mint anyone? (Score 1) 631

"But it was 2007 and it looked a DOS boot from the 1980s, I'm not going to pretend that was a big thing but it was representative of the attitude."

An attitude that focused on results instead of marketing?

Oh how very unprogressive of them.

You claim it's not a big thing but you also attribute your choice of Ubuntu to it! Think about that for a moment. You could have had (and still can have) a system that *works* much better, but you are hung up on looks.

Maybe Ubuntu is exactly what you deserve.

Comment Re:Probably a good thing (Score 1) 729

"You're proposing to give a digital operation the name of a physical action to make understanding it easier."

No, actually, it's been called that for decades. I was simply informing the previous poster of what it has, indeed, been called.

X has copy and paste operations, but this is a different operation entirely.

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