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Maybe Im a little late on this, and no doubt the display is impressive, but you dont really seem to have a clue what the parent is talking about. The fact that you fed the same signal to two different monitors doesn't tell anyone a single thing. The way colors are display on said monitor is dependent on a profile used by the OS. If your displays arent profiled and calibrated properly, you are just talking about dumb luck when saying one looks "better" than the other. Since you "split the signal", can I assume only one (or none) of the displays were calibrated and profiled properly, and that was the profile in use by the OS? Or even worse, were you simple using the "generic LCD" type profile? Im not really blown away by the fact that you can change color spaces in the monitor either, since (I assume) color correction is still required for a properly managed workflow, changing these settings on the device would throw off calibration, and require re-profiling.

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