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Comment Re:OK, great (Score 1) 75

I'm in a similar boat to the AC. Our shop has everyone running dual-30" monitors at 2560x1600. The "high-performance" Dell workstations that we have use the Quattro cards (with dual DisplayPort +1 DVI-D).

Monitors are the Dell btw .. I do think they are a bit on the overpricy side; but as has been discussed in numerous /. threads - not much is going into the DPI increases of larger screens since 1080p & therefore the price isn't dropping.

Comment Re:OK, great (Score 1) 75

Why differentiate between TVs and monitors when looking at the near future? They are so close to convergance and the volimnous content available online will have the tuner portion that makes it a TV nearly moot.

Additionally, anyone using resolutions/frequencies higher thatn 1920x1200 60Hz can appreciate DisplayPort.

Comment Re:Project Page (Score 2) 272

There is some truth to your statement, but there are a number of sites dedicated to scholarly works or reference data. Google scholar is a good starting point for many things, findlaw provides access to court decisions and interpretations, and any number of sites are dedicated to journals and scholarly publications (even in the field of science).

Now if you're getting to all of your news sources through fark or /. --- yeah, you're out of luck.

Point being; if you know where to look there are tons of valuable educational and reference resources to be found on the net (didn't /. do a review on an online set of courses not long ago). I've been listening to this series as of late: , though I hear that Harvard has a good set of podcasts available as well.

Comment Re:Well not sure if this is the right approach but (Score 1) 870

Well...the flood of responses about the legality of broad or narrow spectrum jamming has already come up, so I'll skip that.

I don't have a great solution (yet) for bluetooth, but to kill WIFI: pick your open-source WIPS and spoof deauthentication frames (typical rogue containment) to all unknown devices (train it for surrounding university equipment). Unless the supplicant is an AP that supports 802.11w you'll knock WIFI right out of being usable.

Comment Re:Uh, what? (Score 1) 390

If you happen to think of the case (or know where it was decided I can look it up) that would be an interesting read for me. I'd operated under the assumption that pregnancy was always protected either under the ADA or the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ... that was until I started reading some case law on the subject. Usually rejections seem to fall by the wayside due to the size of the employer (less than 15 people for example have a much smaller requirement for "reasonable accomodation") or unreasonable demands.

I have to agree with the "it's complicated" sentiment ... really the only answer for the OP though I think is to talk to a qualified employment lawyer in his/her jurisdiction.

Comment Re:Uh, what? (Score 1) 390

Mod parent up as this is good general advice for life. If you go into a situation clueless it's 1.) easy to be taken advantage of (throw your favorite auto mechanic story in here) and 2.) difficult to make a rational determination on whether or not to hire one person over another.

I'm reassured, when doing consulting work, that my potential clients (usually small business owners) have educated themselves just enough on IT to have a reasonable conversation with me regarding their plans prior to offering me a contract. I'm also wary of those that have no idea of what they want ... blindly trusting me and my opinions.

Comment Re:Uh, what? (Score 1) 390

Not to be nitpicky, but there is a huge swath of reasons for claim of wrongful termination. Also included are: whistleblowing statutes, wage and hour statues (depending on your state), EEOC (which you note), ADA (even pregnancy [and most medical problems] can classify as a de-facto disability), FMLA, etc. I know employers like to think that they can just up and terminate an employee "just because" ... but it isn't always necessarily true & can cause direct exposure to various types of lawsuits if there was no reasonable cause for termination.

Comment Re:Read closer (Score 1) 450

Well, there are the joint IEEE/ACM Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Engineering. It isn't software specifically, though software and programming is certainly a part of it. There is also the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) if that approach seems more appropriate. Either way, a number of Engineering programs (that aren't your traditional Chem,Mechanical,Aeronotical, etc. fields) are internationally recognized.

Comment Re:Read closer (Score 1) 450

Within that discussion, Engineering (or engineering if you prefer) covers a wide range of disciplines. Some are related to IT (Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Process Engineers and more), some are not (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.)

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