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Comment Re:OK how do you get jobs like this? (Score 1) 783

I find moving up can aslo be attributed to moving 'around' in IT. I started of as a SA (Novell 4), moved into the MS arena (Win NT 4), onto Exchange and mail systems, then hardware, then networking (Cisco and Juniper), worked as an instructor, then DBA (Oracle 9i, 10g), then software development and now primarily IT security. I've found that (on average) 2-3 years is enough time to gain a very solid understanding and level of experience to build on, and that these experiences can keep you motivated and challenged. As long as you stay abreast of current developments (and that is the tricky part) you can certainly remain a geek, while not necessarily being actively geeky at work :) I've been fortunate enough to be in a very large company and move into these positions, excel, and move on. Perhaps one day I'll stop being a techie, but IT Sys Eng. requires (or should) a tremendous depth and breadth of knowledge. I personally enjoy the persuit. I also enjoy being 'the' guy that my division will initial ask if they need someone in a new position. As a more specific reply. My division's Chief Systems Engineer, though a manager, is most definately still a geek. He just doesn't get to play with implementation details as much anymore.

Comment Re:TCO? (Score 1) 92

Old news: Secure windows versions w/ the NSA and US DoD working together have been the norm since just before Vista. The NSA actually has no specific guidance on any specialized config necessary to come up with a basic security profile for Vista/Win 7 (other than patches) More info can be found by googling USAF SDC

Comment Re:Yet to experience them. (Score 1) 628

I'm just guessing, but this is what I found for the definition:

"The highest quality commercially available for this chemical. "

"Reagent A.C.S. - This designates a high quality chemical for laboratory use. The abbreviation "A.C.S.," means the chemical meets the specifications of the American Chemical Society. A Certificate of Analysis is available upon request. "

I'd probably be fine ingesting it.


One of the Coolest Places In the Universe 338

phantomflanflinger writes "The Cern Laboratory, home of the Large Hadron Collider, is fast becoming one of the coolest places in the Universe. According to, the Large Hadron Collider is entering the final stages of being lowered to a temperature of 1.9 Kelvin (-271C; -456F) — colder than deep space. The LHC aims to re-create the conditions just after the Big Bang and continue the search for the Higgs boson."

Making Strides Toward Low-Cost LED Lighting 398

Roland Piquepaille writes "You all know that incandescent bulbs are pretty inefficient, converting only 10% of electricity into light — and 90% into heat. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, could soon replace incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs in our homes. They are more efficient and environmentally friendly. But LED lights are currently too expensive because they are using a sapphire-based technology. Now, Purdue University researchers have found a way to build low-cost and bright LEDs for home lighting. According to the researchers, the LED lights now on the market cost about $100 while LED lights based on their new technology could be commercially available within a couple of years for a cost of about $5. It would also help to cut our electricity bill by about 10%."

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