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Comment Re:Obvious (?) question (Score 1) 425

I realise that it's not economical thinking, and hardly applicable to the general populace, but personally I'd kill for an excuse to eat four pounds of steak every day. As it is I work out furiously five days a week so I can enjoy a massively calorie- & protein-rich diet. I don't think this is a great idea for humanity, far from it, but I can definitely see the value in being super-strong.

Comment Re:Obvious (?) question (Score 1) 425

Off the top of my head, I could do a lot on foot that I currently need a car for, like carrying a tonne of groceries home from the shop. I could move house without trolleys - and more importantly without back injuries, with more muscle supporting my spine. I'd also be faster, so I could avoid otherwise fatal accidents with falling pianos. I could bang my fat wife standing up for once (disclaimer: I have no fat wife), pull my kids out of a flaming wreckage several years longer into their own lives...the list goes on. Your sedentary lifestyle is not normal, or healthy.

Comment I'm pro-Somalian pirate (Score 1) 666

Good on them for including the general population. Foreign business has been gouging Somalian waters for fish & dumping toxic shit in their waters for years. The bulk of the Somalian populace considers this to be a fair means of compensation from the criminals who rob them, and I'm not far behind them.

Comment Re:Why not renaming it to memistor? (Score 1) 184

Putting "mr" in a word can lead to pronunciation difficulties, just google for words containing "mr" then exclude all abbreviations of mister to find how rarely the sequence it's used. Renaming it to "memistor" would help greatly. Also, the wikipedia page for memristor already contains a reference to memistor.

The 'm' and 'r' are in different syllables, so it's really not an issue. I assume you can handle 'Tim Robbins' so you can handle 'memristor'

Comment Re:Fear of the computer (Score 1) 95

A friend of mine rang me a fortnight ago because he was setting up a new internet connection at home and was having problems..."It says I'm connected but I can't get to any websites". I suggested he try IE just to confirm that it was a connection issue, and not a browser setting. No luck, we had to try a few other things, eventually it got fixed.

Cut to yesterday and he's having trouble accessing a particular page. After about ten minutes of troubleshooting on the phone, I asked "You aren't still using IE are you?"
"No, I'm using...oh wait, yeah it is IE".
Average users really do see the browser as a pane of glass with internets on the other side, it's a perfect description.

Comment not really (Score 1) 210

You can 'close' the frame, meaning that you can reload the entire original page. I do this if I get a stupid framed link, because I don't want to have to research how each site's framing may or may not be stealing link juice, but it's pretty fucked making me load every damn page twice just to see what url I'm visiting. To me, these frames are equivalent to someone sticking an advertisement on my shirt without my permission...a generally gaudy, fucking irritating advertisement that means people can see less of my shirt at any one time. Sure, it's not a perfect analogy.

Comment Re:Smart enough... (Score 1) 515

Wow, you're really stretching yourself to make an argument here...sometimes it's best just to read and not write. Honestly, making Windows look different is not challenging to anyone, and you linux folks can scream until you explode about ease of use, BUT IT STILL WON'T BE TRUE. Why not accept that your OS is the best option for YOU, but not for everyone. I use windows, which is right for ME, but not for EVERYONE. Ditto Macs for graphic designers & their ilk. Fucksake, why does there have to be one OS to rule them all? Why can't we accept that like cars, houses, furniture, eyeglasses, and everything else in the world, different options are appropriate for different people with different tastes, needs, levels of interest, etc?

Comment Re:Smart enough... (Score 1) 515

Only for a small part of the market, dude. Your experience is in NO way typical. I would posit that anyone coming form years on one OS will ask that question of any other, unfamiliar system. Thing is, linux is the unfamiliar system to most people, who don't get that feeling with Windows.

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