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Comment Re:Odd... I thought Sprint did this? (Score 1) 234

It just takes a little while on any CDMA network to sniff a valid ESN and clone that. Of course, you 'd want to sniff in one part of the country and use the ESN in another part. As long as the ESN's don't show up on the same cell, there's no problem. If they show on the same cell, one of them gets kicked off...

Comment Re:Phone isn't bricked, its just blocked (Score 3, Informative) 234

No it won't. When a cell phone is bricked, it becomes useless. You confuse operator block with anti-theft block. The first can be undone, the second one can't. In Europe, the system of bricking a stolen phone has been abandoned many years ago. The reason is not commercial, it's purely technical. To trace a stolen phone, the IMEI number is used. But since the IMEI can be easily changed, you risk bricking someone else's phone. That happened years ago to some 6.000 phones which had the same IMEI, cloned from a Danish phone. When the Danish phone got stolen, the Danish operator bricked it, resulting in 6.000 Spanish phones no longer operating. And since you can't undo it, they had to be replaced. The one responsible for cloning 6.000 phones with identical IMEI numbers was a Dutch phone trader. Anyways, there is no problem with cell phone theft over here, except people declaring their lost or broken phone stolen, just to get insurance to pay for it...

Comment Re:Can the summary get any more facts incorrect? (Score 1) 327

The article is wrong about power too. First it states "SuperSpeed USB is optimized for power efficiency. It uses only 1.5 amps of power for charging devices, or about one-third of the power of its predecessor Hi-Speed USB (v2.0).", and in the following paragraph just the opposite ""We also deliver more power for faster charging". USB3 is 1.5 amps, or THREE TiMES the 0.5 amps of USB2. Real shoddy journalism. Or is that paid for propaganda?

Comment Re:Certificate revocation (Score 1) 154

Why don't you just delete diginotar and comodo certs yourself? I mean, it's a trust relationship. If you, the user, no longer trust a notar, just delete it's certificate and find out which of your SSL connections no longer works or defaults to an unsecured connection. You can find and delete certificates in the prefs of some browsers. On OSX, it's the Keychain Util, of course.

Comment Re:Double standards? (Score 1) 154

Comodo also lied about it. They painted a sophisticated attack from Iran. Now we know that the "hacker" was a Turkish script kiddy who's still bragging about it... That's the scary part: the intruder wasn't even any good. He's just an absolute beginner who follows "How To?" hacking vids on YouTube. And what happened to the lying Comodo CEO? Right, he's chosen as CEO of the year by RSA's InfoSecurity's 2011 Global Excellence Awards ... If you want to know how bad the problem is, how little is being done by the CA's and a possible, available solution if you use Firefox, have a look at Moxy Marlinspike's vids on YouTube...

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Easiest Linux Distro 3

anymooseposter writes: My mom is taking a computer class at the local Community College. she asks:

"Hi So,.............what do you know about Linux. I need to download a Linux OS and try it out for class. The assignment is to use an OS different from what you normally use. Well, since I use Windows and OS X, the assignment suggests Linux. But, my question is, what is the easiest version based on Linux for me to put on CD and try? I saw several on the web. Any thoughts off the top of your head."

Her only computers are a new iMac, and a recent HP laptop. What Linux Disto would be easiest to set up without having to resort to dual booting and/or driver issues?

Submission + - Facebook PR Firm Edited Its Own Wikipedia Page (

metasonix writes: In the midst of all this week's flap about Facebook hiring notorious PR firm Burson-Marsteller to defame Google, I discovered something else: a Burson-Marsteller employee completely rewrote the firm's Wikipedia article to remove all the negative information. He did it openly, he violated a number of Wikipedia internal policies, another Wikipedia editor helped him, and no one was the wiser.

Submission + - Study Finds Cell-Phone Signals Disrupt Bee Colonie (

the simurgh writes: "One group that appears to be unhappy with the rapidly exploding population of cell phones is honeybees. According to a new study, wireless phone signals are confusing the insects to the point of death — and could be a major factor in colony collapse disorder.

The study, by researcher and biologist Daniel Favre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is the result of 83 experiments that looked at honeybees' reactions to nearby cell phones in off and standby modes, and when making phone calls."

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Amazon Servers Used in Sony Playstation Hack (

the simurgh writes: "Amazon servers may have been used to carry out the massive Playstation hack that compromised the personal information of more than 100 million Playstation Network users. According to a report from Bloomberg, sources close to the ongoing investigation say the attack was mounted from Amazon Web Service's cloud computing platform."

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