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Comment Could be the game my friends and I wanted. (Score 1) 141

I played the WC3 DotA back in the day, but ever since HoN and LoL came about my friends and I have schismed into two camps. We all enjoy DotA like games but some of us prefer HoN for its likeness and capture of the DotA feel, while others prefer LoL for its easier gameplay and less harsh punishments for mistakes. Perhaps Valve's upcoming DotA like-game could be a game we call can agree to play without getting into HoN vs LoL flamewars. This is assuming that this game will be DotA-Like, of course.

Comment Amazing learning tool... (Score 1) 189

As someone who grew up in the 90s, I found that playing DnD in late middle school/ early high school is one of the most enjoyable ways to have fun. I was always impressed by the impact the game had on me, especially with the improvements in the sheer number of words I knew as well as reading skills. Although, I never had to use harbinger or aberration when talking to someone at that age, knowing what these and many more words meant was great when it was time for the SATs.

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