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Comment Re:the usual nonsense (Score 1) 541

How's the US textile manufacturing business doing these days? US TV's and other electronics?
At one point a lot of clothing was "made in the USA". Now even clothing with large US flags or other US patriatism on them are made in Bangladesh (some of the fancier ones are made in not-usa but printed in the USA).
How about as a challenge see if you can find one change of clothes (pants, socks, etc) which is made in the US?
bonus points if said clothing has a US flag and is made in the US.

Comment Re:one word ... (Score 2) 298

As someone who owns a few ebook readers I've always been annoyed about how the ebook costs as much or more then the printed version. Most will argue that the cost of printing and inventory management is overestimated. I think the fee is in some ways a "convenience" charge. I can have a few books on a lightweight device vs the weight and bulk of a real book. You are correct, the royalties etc are fixed regardless of the format but like everything in the "digital" age its about control. The paper version can be lent, donated, or sold. Ebook version? DRM, no real lending ability, etc. The current "line" between the customer rights vs the seller's rights is a little imbalanced. This causes me to read a lot of great material off project gutenberg but thanks to perpetual extensions this will dry up as well.

Comment The Art of War (Score 1) 128

A great example of this problem.
Book was written by Sun Tzu in the second century BC and according to wikipedia translated to french in 1772.
Take a quick look at Amazon and see how many copies are for sale. All are "translated by" but what is the copywrite on a translation of something clearly in the public domain?
Is this a public domain -> copywrite thing at work?

Comment Re:Two thoughts. (Score 1) 353

Congratulations now Canadians cant watch US netflix and the world is that much safer. Good thing the real financial problems were left alone (google "some large bank" + money laundering).
HSBC paid $1.9 billion to settle charges...
Standard Chartered paid $327 Million...
Perhaps this will motivate netflix to adjust the price based on the content?
Netflix USA = 7.99 US/month
Netflix CA = 7.99 CAD/month for a lot less (a ton of content is regionally locked).

Comment Re:Union's purpose once reasonable goals achieved (Score 1) 1103

I've often wondered the same thing. Another example is when a union shop goes bankrupt why doesn't the union buy them out? Some unions have very large strike funds available to them. Often it seems the union is very critical of management and this would be a good chance for them to run the entire company they way they see fit. Be interesting to see how long until union-management looks at some of the positions and the impact on the bottom line when its their own money on the table. I don't see why they would ever accept being put in such a position.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 1103

Take a look at what they are doing now. According to the CAW the problem is not that their wages are too high, its that the dollar is too high. No talk about how to adapt to a changing environment, instead ask the government to look at how to lower the dollar to make Canadian wages competitive. There are a lot of problems, but i feel a big part of managements may have been they chose not to get into a battle with the union for much needed flexibility. GM could have screamed at the to of their lungs they need to change. Union rhetoric would have been that you are making money and just trying to cheat us. Look at Daewoo Motors for a recent example of this. Given a choice of layoffs or bankruptcy the union opted to call the bluff and take a "no layoffs" position. There is zero trust between management and the union which only compounds the problems.

Comment Re:Apple paid 1/40th of ALL corporate tax in 2012 (Score 1) 327

What happens when Apple undergoes a huge bond issue simply to avoid repatriating cash? http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/839e662a-b3dd-11e2-ace9-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2TlsjpzoU I'm no longer a US taxpayer so i no longer care, but it seems unfair that US taxpayers are giving them a $100MM a year break. They have enough cash to pay their taxes and don't really need any assistance. I'm unsure how my comment "isn't relevant", is it untrue that percentage taxes paid is an easier means to compare then total taxes paid? By the way, just because you increase corporate taxes doesnt necessarily mean there will be an increase in prices. There could also be a small reduction in profit margins. Again looking at apple with its huge margins...

Comment Re:Art doesn't need remuneration (Score 1) 684

What about situations like this: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/4596/135/ The recording industry selling CD's and "compensating" artists at some point in the future. Its odd as when individuals are sued the "fine" for sharing is huge, but when the industry is sued suddenly the cost of distributing music without compensating the artist falls dramatically?

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