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Comment Re:Art doesn't need remuneration (Score 1) 684

What about situations like this: The recording industry selling CD's and "compensating" artists at some point in the future. Its odd as when individuals are sued the "fine" for sharing is huge, but when the industry is sued suddenly the cost of distributing music without compensating the artist falls dramatically?

Comment Re:The profts are not declining. (Score 1) 684

They also face more competition for our time. There are more and more TV shows, games, etc available now then there were years ago when everyone had to buy music and movies. They need to update their business model and stop using the courts to enforce a dying model. DRM me to death and i will just stop using your product and find another way to pass the time.

Comment Re:WIFI (Score 1) 295

you have my vote on this one. As a laptop user, this is a KEY question for me. Everything from MS pretty much finds the card, installs the drivers and it works fine. why doesnt linux (and im not hitting FC, because SUSE has the same problem) have better support? SUSE in particular is odd.. it's package program even tells me exactly what card i have, but there just isnt drivers around for it.

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