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Comment Re:Well, duh (Score 1) 457

Umm, "If you knew really advanced mathematics you'd know that NP means N times P. So NP does equal P when N=1. But not the rest of the time. Oh and it does when P=0. How much was that prize again?" is exactly waht I was thinking, and I was trying to work out WTF this was news?

Comment Re:Well (Score 2, Insightful) 219

My bet is this could be for DR data centers to isolate them from possible land based disasters, fire, flood, earthquake etc. Tsunami coming, power up and head for deep water. Flood, well, its a ship and it floats! Virus/zombie pandemic, improved quarantine and isolation. I just want to know what they use for the data hookup - satellite links I would think would have far too much lag, and bee too slow for serving data, so unless these are just used to store backups and critical operations stuff, it is hard to see the advantages, especially as in the US at least you can still rent/buy old missile silos or fallout shelters to give you a nice stable environment for a server farm.

Comment Re:The hype! The horrible, horrible hype! (Score 1) 107

Now if lots of media companies got together and said we want to broadcast to the world (not just the US) have lots of everybodys shows online, maybe after they air on cable or broadcast, maybe have pilots and one off episodes to test the waters, allow user content to be submitted, including a deal with youtube and metacafe, and present the videos in a format with a cross platform media client. Maybe imbed watermark ads (but not too intrusively - but at least that way even when the clips are ripped, the eyeballs are still on the ads) Oh, and have one search engine to cover them all, maybe even let me click on a link to buy the show on DVD for full quality with no ads- now that would be a youtube killer. But the media companies will want to control when and where you watch their shows, as they couldn't let some place like New Zealand get Heroes faster than their own tv broacasters syndicate the show for example. They will want to cripple it with DRM, even though pervasive and easy acess from this site would make it not worth the effort of getting a bootlegged pirate copy on a torrent, and anyone who can recieve the original broadcast can copy the show anyway.

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