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Comment Limits are self imposed (Score 1) 520

Since graduating from high school in 87 I've had several careers: linguist, nurse, CS, network security, and now am looking for an entree into the world of crypto. Yes, this has translated into lots of school (2 BS, 2 MS). Career change is possible if you are driven and are willing and able to start at the bottom again after starting in a new field.

Comment Reducing choice, increasing dwell time (Score 1) 267

If I were feeling particularly cynical, I'd be inclined to see the interface change as a means of reducing the variability of title selection and increasing page dwell time. It's now takes much longer to search through Netflix's movie options. Given this, people will probably tend to examine movie descriptions more closely and choose a title that appears on one of the first few pages of available choices. This could be a rather effective means of shaping which movies get selected the most frequently. Personally, I dislike the new interface. It blows.

Comment horrible idea, but I bet the lawyers love it. (Score 1) 102

I agree. What a horrible proposal this is. Really, the slow, creaky federal government thinks that it can possibly regulate something as dynamic as computer/network security. It's completely laughable. You know what happens when the government and "private" industry get together to regulate, don't you? You get fat-cat, lobbyist heavy companies paying off corrupt politicians to pass rules that benefit them at the expense of everyone else. Beyond this, every company with a computer network will be at the mercy of class action lawyers should they run afoul of the regulations. Humph.

Comment Oh, thank God for Microsoft (Score 2, Informative) 426

Was this really a surprise? Sure, no one probably saw this particular problem coming, but we all knew something really screwed up would be discovered soon after MS released its "Win7" mobile OS. The only question here is whether "MS certified" is a lame attempt to make excuses for the problem or if represents a new revenue stream creation strategy. Watch out, now MicoSD cards have to be "certified" to work in a MS product. Something tells me that the certification comes cheap. Thank God that we all still have MS to point to and laugh at!

Comment elsewhere, in the world of anachronistic sports (Score 1, Funny) 110

elsewhere, in the world of anachronistic sports ...

1. Gertrude, "the Beast", Rosensplinter wins 2010 Grosvenor championship.

2. Punjabi Cricket referee sanctioned for under-regulation sock length.

3. Bull-baiting champion Clive Rosenrochflockensberger retires after 15 years. Recalls many fine seasons at Hockley-in-the-Hole. Disparages Tutbury.

Comment DOA?:Who is the market? (Score 1) 56

I have to agree. I took a look at the PopBox website and don't see the need that this device fills. Would be better to by a cheap netbook, laptop, or small-footprint desktop with HDMI-out. Would get all the "functionality" of PopBox plus a multi-purpose computer. Could be wrong, but I think that PopBox will be DOA.

Comment Bad caps still problem across multiple techs (Score 1) 484

I'm not sure much has changed other than degree of problem. Bought a Dell Inspiron laptop. It started to overheat toward the end of the extended warranty (2yrs). You guess it. Bad caps somewhere on MB (couldn't get any more info than this). Sent it back to Dell for repair. Was fine for a few months (until the warranty expired), then started to overheat again. Gee, I wonder what the problem was. Dell does not guarantee the quality of its repairs. I'm out of luck and will never buy another Dell.

Bought a Samsung LCD HD TV a few years ago from Best Buy (hey, they price matched!). Luckily, I also bought the extended warranty. LCD TV started to crap out at about the 3yr mark. Geek Squad guy came out yesterday, popped off the back. Bam, 4 bad caps!

Interesting tidbit was that Geek Squad replaced the bad caps with better quality caps. Repair guy claimed the original caps were rated for 10V and he replaced them with 25V. According to repair guy, the 10V caps regularly fail and that the problem is not limited to Samsung.

Probably not news to many, but ... It's pretty clear. Laptop, LCD TV, other manufacturers cheap out on the device components, which leads to failure in an unacceptably short period of time. This requires that consumers purchase expensive extended warranty plans or resign themselves to replace every few years. Shady man. Should be a special, dedicated level in Hell for these dishonest electronic device manufacturers.

Comment CRAP!! Next DMCA intrusion (Score 5, Funny) 134

Crap! Soon we'll get T.V.s that know that their being watched, who is watching, and exactly what viewers are looking at. ...Coming soon to a T.V. near you.

Viewer: (thinking to himself) Oh great, a commercial. Time for a potty break. la, la, la (walks away from T.V.)

T.V.: (in loud voice) Alert, Alert, Alert. Viewer, you have been away from the television for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You now risk violating your television and cable provider's ULA and risk violating section 5, paragraph 10, subsection a of the 2010 DMCA redux and expansion act.

Viewer: Coming, coming...just have to give a quick shake....O.K., I'm here. Whew, that was close.

T.V.: Alert, Alert, Alert!!

Viewer: Wha!, I'm here. I'm watching again for God's sake.

T.V.: Viewer, you twice failed to take visual notice of the coke can product placement in this episode of Friends. You have now violated your television and cable provider's ULA and thus also violated the aforementioned DCMA act. Please place your hands on your head and wait for the authorities to arrive....a little higher please...there you go.

Comment I'm down with 'Meh' (Score 1) 876

This topic highlights why nerds don't have friends. Normal people are tolerant of others. Nerds use knowledge as a weapon. I suppose it's a coping mechanism or some such thing.

Computer smart, cool people understand that non-tech smart people are generally insecure about to their total lack of l33tn355. The illiterate are generally just trying to inch their way through life.

Please, in the future, be kind

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