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Comment Re:FUD (Score 1) 304

SEC filings don't get into that much detail. Gartner estimates it's .5 percent: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/google-apps-for-business-05-percent-of-googles-revenue-says-gartner/60880?tag=content;siu-container

Honestly, $136.6 in revenue million is much smaller than I thought. While probably not in danger of closing down anytime soon, it's certainly not a multi-billion dollar product. Since we don't have cost or profitability numbers, it's hard to say.

Comment Re:FUD (Score 1) 304

Could not agree more, in the current state of tech. full-blown cloud is not quite there yet. We have some hybrids where companies are running everything out of the data center with 99 percent of employees using thin clients to Remote Desktop Servers, mobile devices (tables, phones, etc.), or laptops + SSL VPN + offline files (or SharePoint) and it gets pretty close. Most of the employees can work from anywhere, anytime (if allowed) are are quite happy. We have various projects working on making working from anywhere more productive.

Comment Re:FUD (Score 2) 304

Well, I'm not directly involved but our company manages Office 365 and Google Apps for other companies (we're an outsourced IT company). Microsoft has been very, very proactive on the ugprades sides. Even letting customers push their upgrades (moving from BPOS to O365) by six months or more. However, it remains to be seen how they'll do with O365. Also, O365 is server components only (SharePoint, Exchange, etc.). The client-side software you use with it Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. doesn't necessarily have to be upgraded at the same time or at all. for example you can use Office 2007 if you really want to.

Comment Re:FUD (Score 4, Insightful) 304

What they're saying is your company chooses when the ugprades are done and can give employees a heads up. Not to mention how they publish betas, have a published roadmap, developer conferences, etc. etc. The other argument is that you only have to pay for Office once not on a month-to-month basis. Not to knock GoogleApps, but who's to say they don't raise the price next week?

Comment Re:Expecting honesty from politicians?!???!?!! (Score 1) 630

Do you have a source for that? I couldn't find one. In fact we're spending much LESS as a PERCENTAGE of GDP/GNP then during WW2 and we're taking in even less taxes. I could cite a bunch of sources for this as it's a well-known fact, but here's a nice graph.


Are you sure you're not confusing this with total revenue?

Comment Re:To Tape... (Score 1) 403

In my experience Backup Exec is better than it ever was, especially for backing up VMs. We use it across maybe 100 servers and it works great. Granted, we have people who took the time to learn it and set it up properly. EMC Avamar is way better though and we're moving to that with a combination of Data Domain. I haven't used it, but some of the guys I work with swear by IBM's Tivoli.

Comment Re:To Tape... (Score 1) 403

All true. Most companies should retain financial and financial-related data for seven years for tax/audit reasons. This is even more true if they do business in more than one state.

It's a good idea to have end of year backups for audit purposes as financial systems are dynamic and change. The cost of a few tapes will easily outweigh the work and expense of trying to backtrack things (if it's even possible).

Submission + - SCADA system hacked, Officials Investigating Cyber

unencode200x writes: "

Weiss, a noted cyber security expert, disclosed the possible cyber attack on his blog Thursday. Weiss said he had obtained a state government report, dated Nov. 10 and titled "Public Water District Cyber Intrusion," which gave details of the alleged cyber attack culminating in the "burn out of a water pump."


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