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Comment Change the world? (Score 1) 516

I can say much the same as you, @poster, and toss onto the pile that, in spite of 15 good years doing programming, my initial educational period was ... stormy? Incomplete, and not something I like to get into on my resume; though I tend to be frank about it (it's also a popular topic of complaint with me given the hostility from the financial aide department that didn't help at the time.) At any rate, I do impactful coding and really have no business complaining about my job, but I am ... I don't know... disenfranchised a bit from the project that, for years, I rescued, resurrected, breathed new life into, and now merely maintain and tweak. So what do I do? (with cyclically variably success), I do personal projects... Two years ago, I wrote a novel (though it sits on the shelf now waiting for an epiphany from myself in regards to the all important rewrite); this past year I've stewed up no less than three web/game projects (none of which are past the drawing board as yet) that I believe could be game changers in political, social, and entertainment arenas (we'll see how THAT goes, hehe.) I'm just saying... make your own interests; invent your own jobs, if you must. Just 'do it.' =3

Comment DONT EVEN TRY (Score 1) 659

For god's sake, don't cripple the poor kid by subjecting him to our conveyor belt of education; he needs someone or someones who can keep challenging him... and, beyond that, the opportunities to teach himself using application. (Learn by doing.) Maybe he'll need a social and sociological curriculum on the side to make sure he can interact with the rest of humanity... but, all that said, our educational system is designed to create automatons who subject themselves to the whims of the few; opportunity is created as much if not more often than given, and he needn't necessarily rely on rote and proscribed methodologies to succeed or surpass.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 4, Insightful) 737

No, not quite; It would get very few things done... nearly all of them the RIGHT things. Government is meant only to be the collective tool belt, replete with powers of leverage and enforcement, wielded by the citizenry for the benefit of the citizenry. One isn't meant to play with tools, nor use them any more often than any give job calls for.

Comment time to redefine (Score 1) 496

I have some difficulty arguing against machines and robots, so long as they're ecologically friendly (renewably electric, no fossil fuels involved, etc.) But the question is valid... in a society that defines life by money, and money by labor, how is anyone to survive? The answer is to abandon those definitions, examine what human being truly needs not only to survive but to thrive, and organize civilization around that. Shelter? Healthy satisfying food? Productive activity? Relaxation? ... food production on earth is in serious trouble given the extraordinary burden seven billion inefficient souls place upon what little arable space we have... still, reorganization can make those souls more efficient, less stressed out and, frankly, less likely to breed (thus tapering off the dangers of overpopulation in the most kind of ways. (i.e., basically all post-industrial nations have stable or negative population trajectories.)

Comment European Starlings (Score 2) 225

While E.Starlings are not as talented at it as other mimics, they can achieve a somewhat 'bad recording' style mimic of the human voice. They're also the ones notorious for producing large undulating clouds in the sky (consisting of thousands if not, in extreme cases, millions of birds.) Point being, I've always wanted to somehow snag a gigantic flock of these birds and train them all to say something creepy like 'i'll get you' before releasing them back into the wild.

Comment ahem (Score 1) 159

Starting to sound like the FBI is a threat to national security. I'm sure there are some really great people working there doing really important things; and investigating criminal activity (or protecting soldiers on the battlefield) is important! But when you start being afraid of the truth, you're also doing something wrong.

Comment what isn't being said (Score 5, Informative) 694

These guys and Evergreen Solar both had viable advanced products, good ideas, and solid business practices and a eagerness to hire local/american workers to do a job that desperately needs doing. The folded because of 'free trade' competition with China who is more than willing to dump silicon tetrachloride in people's backyards (rather than recycling it as is required here) and pay people nigh-on slave wages in the process. You can't compete with that. If you want high quality jobs here in the states... if you want progressive, good-intentioned, future-forging entrepreneurship... then exit free trade and renegotiate in fair trade deals... or reinstate rational tariffs.

Comment You should be okay with some effort (Score 1) 772

To learn one computer language isn't just learning the language, but learning how to learn languages; each additional one you pick up should be that much easier. It's not effortless, but it's doable. FURTHER; while less popular languages don't have as much of a calling, they often do end up being legacy code that some employers becoming increasingly more desperate to have maintained, adjusted, et cetera... so maintaining a working relationship with an 'old' language may make you a rare commodity later (and thus worth more.) It's something to keep in mind, if not bet the bank on.

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