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Comment Re:Damned shame (Score 1) 362

Robosport. I haven't seen that mentioned in years. I still have the box, manual, and floppy disks sitting here. That game was amazing fun, and was the first turn based game I ever saw. I later found xcom, and never really went back. It was a blast though.

Comment Re:No no no... (Score 1) 483

None of the new ones are quite as open, but there are several that are considered easier to work with. I believe the g2, mytouch 4g, and the desire are the easiest ones, but I don't have any of them so I can't say for sure. All of them have custom roms, and while they don't come unlocked like the nexus, they are quite simple to get root on.

Comment Re:I prefer Symbian (Score 1) 483

You may want to reconsider Android when you're looking at a new phone in the future. I was in a very similar situation to you last year; I was looking for a new phone, and was looking very closely at Symbian. I had an older Nokia for a few years that I really liked, and so Symbian was my obvious first choice when looking for a new phone. However, the number of choices for Android, and the linux kernel are what finally made me chose Android. I couldn't find a Nokia phone with the hardware and form factor that I wanted, but was able to find an Android phone that was almost perfect.

It does everything you've listed as well, even sharing the Internet connection via wifi if you so desire. I use the usb tether when I'm on the train, so as to keep my phone nicely charged while playing Eve. However, it's as simple as touching a single button to toggle on/off the wifi hotspot as well, so if I like the people I'm sitting with I usually offer to share the Internet connection with them so they can use their laptops online too. I don't even have to unplug it from the laptop to do so, so I'm still getting my usb tether+charge too.

However, a huge warning. If you do consider Android in the future, make sure you get a phone that doesn't have a vendor's crapware layered on top of it. Some of them (AT&T is the worst in the US) will cripple your phone to the point that you pretty much have to wipe it and reinstall with a clean custom OS. That is usually pretty simple, but it can be a hassle for non-technical users. The best solution is to just purchase an Android phone that isn't crippled from the start, but it's an easy trap to fall into if you're not aware of it before buying.

Comment Re:No no no... (Score 1) 483

Your mistake was buying a Motorola phone. Next time, stick with a vendor that doesn't add their own crapware on top of Android. The original Nexus One was good, presumably the upcoming Nexus S will be the same.

That doesn't help with your current phone, but luckily that's a relatively easy process to fix, assuming a basic level of computer competency. You found Slashdot, so hopefully that means you fit the requirements.

There are two ways of fixing your problem, the easy way and the good way. The easy way:

Get root
adb uninstall /path/to/shit/application.apk
adb remove /path/to/shit/application.apk

Hopefully there aren't any other processes that require that apk, or they'll break. Seeing as how you're using a phone with all kinds of vendor crap dropped on top of the os, and custom 'motoblur', etc you may have a problem. Hopefully it works.

The good way:
Go to xda, install a custom rom (I use cyanogen, but it doesn't look like there is one for the droid 2)
You can try this one, looks like it's pretty close to stock:
Congratulations, you now have an Android device that isn't crippled by vendor bloatware. Hopefully you've learned your lesson for the future.

Comment Re:Civilization (Score 1) 418

Civ 4 only really shines once you get the Beyond The Sword expansion. It still could use a little polish, but that one fixed most of the major bugs and performance problems with the original release and the first two expansions.

Comment Re:just not compelling enough (Score 1) 341

I'll second that other person, and say that the *only* way to do Gyala is via the backdoor route. The only reason to ever follow the normal route is if you want the challenge; the backdoor route is the best way to go. Quite easy in fact once you've done it a few times and know the route. Far easier than the Eternal Grove actually, because it's entirely possible to do it solo (with npcs).

Comment Re:No need to fuss (Score 1) 324

MSSE isn't perfect. But it's simple, free, and good enough for many people. Some people report issues with it, but every AV product has issues of some sort with a particular os rev/application/hardware/user combination.

I certainly would recommend it over any paid one for a home user. For an enterprise, support is typically what you're paying for, and there is no enterprise support for MSSE, so you'd want a different product.

Comment Re:up to six LCDs (Score 1) 153

Kind of late replying, but you won't be able to do what you want unfortunately. Well, you can but it requires the more expensive active DP DVI adapter, not the passive ones you're looking at. The reason is that the video card only has 2 TMDS units, which are needed for DVI. DP doesn't use that piece anymore, which is why they can hang so many monitors off it.

There were rumors that AMD was going to release some inexpensive ($30 instead of $100) active adaptors, but I don't know if they ever came out.

Comment Re:Spinning disks have left this customer (Score 1) 681

I don't own one, so my experiences are based upon using my girlfriend's macbook. However, I thought I'd try and explain why I feel OSX is inferior to Linux. This is what I feel of course, and reflect my own priorities on what is important to me.

1. A modern unix. Using OSX is like using Solaris 2.4. Most of the commands I want are either missing, or are the limited functionality non-GNU versions.
2. A better GUI. You may laugh at this, but I find a simple GUI like lxde to be much easier to use than OSX. I especially dislike closing an application and not having it actually close, just hide the main window. If I'm closing it, I expect it to close.
3. A functional keyboard. Her macbook is missing useful keys like page up and home. And a delete key (backspace != delete)
4. Customization. I can make linux act and look just how I want. With OSX I'm limited to what Apple allows me to change. And since it's not my laptop anyway, I can't even do that, just suffer with an OS that tries to prevent me from doing what I want to do.
5. Software selection. With portage, I can quickly and easily install just about anything I could want with a simple command. As Apple likes to say, it just works.

Comment Re:Disappointing Video (Score 1) 238

Sounds similar to a book I read called 'Dies the Fire'. Basic plot is that in about 1999 or so everything electronic suddenly stops working. Along with gunpowder and internal combustion engines. Pretty extreme chaos, and the guy who wrote it did a good job of constructing a believable outcome from the circumstances.

Comment Re:Simple: (Score 1) 347

I just visited 6 weeks ago or so. You're correct that the normal tour doesn't allow you to get anywhere near, but they also have a tour option that allows you to go around the ropes and wander around the stones themselves. It's limited to sunrise/sunset, and they only allow 26 people per tour. You need to sign up for it a few months in advance, but it's well worth the hassle and small expense.

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