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Comment Re:Holy shit? (Score 4, Insightful) 950

Learning to exercise and keep yourself in shape is a part of the cirriculum.

Start looking up child obesity numbers and you'll see that schools need to be doing more, not less.

I'd imagine the program is to let kids know where their heart rates are, and where they should be to get good exercise. Even if they are recording everything, it's pretty meaningless information. You'd know a person's heart rate from 7th grade.

The bigger issue here is whether your kids are getting exercise and whether they're overweight. If they're heavy, do everything possible to encourage exercise. Once the habits are set, they're incredibly difficult to change once they're adults.

Comment Re:I don't know, but... (Score 3, Interesting) 494

The OP didn't say he relies on spellcheck, but that his fingers know how to spell when his head doesn't.

I've got the same problem. Words like receive are no problem when I'm typing, but if I put pen to paper, I need to stop and think. When many people type, they think the word, not the letter. Their hands put the words from thought to type with no intermediate thought needed.

I spell by muscle memory, not thought. I'm sure the same works for people who write all the time. The pen just makes the words they need.

So how about you get off your high horse, read what the OP actually said instead of what you thought he said, and fuck off.

Comment Re:But does it work? (Score 5, Interesting) 707

This seems to make sense to me. The breathalizer is supposed to measure the blood alcohol content, and this is done by measuring the alcohol content in air expelled by the *lungs* (with a knowlege of partial pressures).

But if you equally weight beginning readings with ending readings, then you can be skewed by the first reading, which comes from the air in the mouth, instead of the lungs (giving low scores for people with time since their last drink, and people high scores with a recent last drink).

I would think that this method would give a more accurate reading by filtering out the readings from 'mouth air' and giving preference to 'lung air'.

But regardles, tests should have been done using both methods, and comparing to blood test to see which returns more consistantly accurate results. I wonder if those tests need to be made public as well.

Comment Re:I find it amusing... (Score 2, Informative) 93

Point of Interest:

The unfinished room was in the Mage *Guild* Tower in the Imperial City. The whole Arcane University was there, it was just one room that was locked. It was added later in the DLC The Orrery.

There was also a DLC called the Mage Tower. This was a house mod released all at once. I has no relation to the locked room in the Mage Guild Tower. (now that I think of it, I think the Mage Guild Tower is officially called the Archmage Tower)

Comment Re:Profit-making strategy (Score 5, Informative) 93

The point of the article, though, isn't whether they should make DLC. It's whether they should do additional content in a DLC or as a full expansion. If you remember Morrowind, there were two huge expansion packs (Bloodmoon and Tribunal). Each with an amount of play almost equal to the original game.

But Knights of the Nine, a DLC for Oblivion, only gave 10 - 15 hours of play (that of a standard primary quest line).

Easier and quicker to release and sold for less than an expansion.

Personally, I'd like an expansion over DLC (if this is the given choice). I'm ok waiting.

Comment Re:Am I missing something? (Score 1) 407

Haven't seen a post that pointed this out yet.

Palin used a non government e-mail for government business, because she didn't want the e-mails to be recorded.

Obama isn't using non government e-mail, his press staff is using it. And what sort of information do you think the press staff would have access too? Maybe information that they'd be sharing with the public?

Everyone wants to point and say, "Double Standard" when it's not actually the case. RTFA.

The Internet

Submission + - Pirate Bay earns 20,000 Euros a day ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: controverisal pro-piracy website the piratebay likes to portray itself as an innocent hobby site that provides a free index without censorship, but recent facts show that the site is earning up to 20,000 Euros per day from its advertising. Taking in money on this scale puts a different slant on the motives behind the Swedish filesharing site, and could open up the runners of the site to prosecution for profiting from copyright infringement.

Submission + - Fall Back, Spring Forward, and DIE!!!

docinthemachine writes: "It's Y2K all over again thanks to the new daylight savings time schedule. A pair of advisories from the FDA warns patients that the new daylight savings time calendar could kill you! The FDA warns "If you have any medical equipment that uses, creates or records time information about your diagnosis or treatment and the manufacturer has not updated it, the equipment may not work properly when the new Daylight Savings Time (DST) starts and ends this year and in future years." Lucky for us the healthcare provider advisory lists the days your equipment is most likely to fail and kill you and how to troubleshoot. Heck, Microsoft is charging for their fix why should your pacemaker work? full details at"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Apple Unveils New Product-Unveiling Product

cantideris writes: In a surprise announcement today, Steve Jobs introduced the new product-introducing product, iLaunch. From the article:

The iLaunch runs Keynote-formatted presentations in high definition through a built-in projector while displaying a 3-D rotating image of the product. Voice-recognition software, Apple's most advanced to date, can recite a speech highlighting the features of the device while injecting several clever digs at competitors. Should a product demonstration experience a glitch or malfunction, the iLaunch boasts a complex algorithm that can automatically produce humorous and distracting quips.

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